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As a finance professional, your goal is simple. Make sure all the data and transactions in your department are always accurate and on time and in compliance all while controlling costs. Easy, right?

Actually with Winshuttle it is. Winshuttle for SAP Finance gives you the power to improve and standardize core finance operations using skills and resources you already have and with no programming. With Winshuttle you can use structured Excel templates to securely gather and upload data into SAP without rework or re-entry, which makes jobs like posting journal entries or changing assets fast and error free, even when processing hundreds of records.

It also lets you safely download data from SAP allowing you to create reports that help your team monitor performance and make informed decisions. Additionally, Winshuttle’s Sharepoint-based management and workflow tools ensure that your finance processes are streamlined and standardized, meaning faster closing times, shorter budget cycles, and fewer sleepless nights.

So why not take the easy option? Whether it’s a work group, department, or shared service center, Winshuttle for SAP Finance is the fastest, easiest way to master operational finance. Check out today to find out more.