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Did you know at least 25% of the vital information in your ERP system is incomplete or inaccurate? How much is that bad data costing you? It’s a significant task to feed your ERP system with the data required to run your business. Collecting, validating, and entering data is often done manually through cumbersome interfaces and across multiple channels and businesses are facing enormous data growth.

More data sources, more sophistication, more complexity. All create more room for errors and more delays. The ugly is about to get uglier. All of this increases cost and creates risk exposure. Think of it as a data management tax which goes up exponentially as the amount of data grows. Ineffective data management conjures a perfect storm of operational inefficiency, poor planning, wasted resources, lost sales, and regulatory risk. Maintaining the status quo is not an option. Get control of your ERP data through the use of lean applications that streamline data collection, data validation, and data movement.

Building upon existing investments, these lean applications are built iteratively in short cycle times by business or IT teams. Get clean data in at the source. Accelerate continuous improvement initiatives. Eliminate waste. Reduce the data management tax. Transform your ERP data operations into a world of speed and accuracy. Add millions of dollars to your top and bottom line. Learn how Winshuttle’s lean data management approach can help you optimize and automate your ERP data operations. Go to to learn more.