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Inaccurate master data in your ERP system is a nightmare. Manual processes and dirty data wreak havoc on everything, from production deadlines and procurement decisions to customer experience, severely impacting your business. But often fixing even minor issues involves months of planning, tons of paperwork, and lots of programmers.

Winshuttle changes all that. It lets people solve master data issues using skills and resources they already have. With Winshuttle, your ERP system can be accessed and modified with familiar tools, like Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. It’s simple, fast and requires zero programming. Imagine this, a sales rep discovers an error in customer record. Before he’d have to fill out paperwork and then wait as it passed through various departments, taking up valuable time and potentially picking up data errors.

With Winshuttle, he simply completes a web form and forwards it for approval. The appropriate manager then reviews the change and approves it with a single click. The ERP system is automatically updated, and everyone’s notified. It’s fast, accurate, and auditable. Best of all, anyone can build the web form and workflow.

Plus, thanks to Winshuttle, any similar data challenges such as product, material, and supplier errors can also be easily resolved using this approach. Learn more by checking out today. Winshuttle for Master Data, the quickest part to better master data.