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You rely on ERP to run your business, but using ERP can be time consuming and difficult, and modifying or extending ERP processes can be slow and expensive. This isn’t just a productivity issue. Slow processes and missing or inaccurate data means missed opportunities and millions of dollars in lost revenue. But it’s not hopeless. There is someone who can change all this. It’s you.

With Winshuttle Solutions, you’re empowered to become the hero that transforms the way your company works. Winshuttle lets you rapidly build easy spreadsheets, forms, and workflows that integrate with ERP data. And you can do this in robust, flexible, and user friendly ways without being a software developer. So if you can create an Excel workbook or use Sharepoint, you already have the skills and resources to start improving data quality and operations.

As a Winshuttle hero, you can automate financial processes that improve accuracy while reducing time to close. Or you can improve your master data by generating new user friendly forms and workflows that make it quick and easy to create, access, and update data. Best of all, Winshuttle lets you do all of this in a secure and governed way that helps IT and business users collaborate to get more value out of your ERP investment. Winshuttle customers can react quicker, operate more efficiently, and generate more revenue.

For over ten years, organizations like yours have relied on Winshuttle certified solutions to transform the way they work. Whether you’re a business analyst, an IT manager, or an executive, Winshuttle will make you a hero. Contact us today to find out how.