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Bad Data: How Inaccuracies Can Kill Your Mission

After investing a total $327.6 million in this mission, this is the first and only image taken by the Mars Climate Orbiter before it disintegrated.

Jorge Ruiz · May 25, 2016

I DIRECT You to Upgrade to Studio v11!

Find out why upgrading to Studio v11 is great if you’re a DIRECT user, giving you the ability to delete any loops that are part of the original BAPI as well as create your own!

Jennifer Hwang · May 24, 2016

A Faster, Easier SAP Data Migration Solution for Excel Users

In this post, find out how to simplify your SAP data migration by considering Winshuttle Studio as an easier, faster alternative to LSMW.

Clinton Jones · May 19, 2016

Worcestershire County Council Finds a Fast SAP Compliant Alternative to LSMW

Find out why customers like Worcestershire County Council are choosing Winshuttle as a fast, flexible and SAP compliant alternative to LSMW.

Clinton Jones · May 18, 2016

An Easy, Configurable and Robust Tool to Replace LSMW

In this post, find out how Winshuttle Studio is an easy, robust and configurable alternative to LSMW that provides a better experience for end users and improves user productivity.

Clinton Jones · May 17, 2016

Leading KPIs for Supply Chain and Plant Maintenance

KPIs can help those in supply chain and plant maintenance do more than just make informed decisions – find out how you can enhance your business operations.

Clinton Jones · May 16, 2016

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of SAPPHIRE NOW 2016

It’s time to start planning your SAPPHIRE NOW agenda! Check out these tips and trick to utilize your time at SAP’s biggest event of the year.

Kristen Mery · May 12, 2016

Shadow IT VLOG: TTI Empowers Business Analysts to Redefine Shadow IT

Find out how TTI empowered business analysts to redefine shadow IT and work with IT to resolve business issues, without compromising security or governance.

Kara Tiernan · May 10, 2016

Foundation v11.1 Series #4: New Dashboard Capability

In this post, learn about out of the box dashboard capabilities in Foundation v11.1, and how Winshuttle can help you leverage your BI tools.

Jim Barker · May 5, 2016

Foundation v11.1 Series #3: Introducing SmartTable Technology

In this post, learn how Foundation v11.1’s new SmartTable technology will allow you to embed a table into a form-based web solution & enable out of the box functionality.

Jim Barker · May 3, 2016