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Buying-Time Factors That Kill Productivity

By Clinton Jones on March 26, 2015

Oftentimes we look back on the workday, and realize we weren’t very productive, or successful at adding value to our job. Here we’ve listed common time wasting activities that kill productivity, and ways to avoid them.

natsteel-logo NatSteel Improves SAP Master Data, Reducing Material Creation Process by 30%!

By Jim O'Farrell on March 23, 2015

Leveraging WInshuttle Foundation, NatSteel was able to reduce their material creation processing by 30%, and vastly improve their SAP Master Data.

WUG Why You Should Consider Sponsoring WUG 2016

By Kara Tiernan on March 19, 2015

Sponsorships for the WUG 2016 provide endless networking opportunities, generates thought leadership around your business and gains outstanding exposure for your company.

best_in_class[1] Best in Class: High Performance Finance

By Clinton Jones on March 16, 2015

There are several factors that disrupt the performance of the finance function like the complexity of the environment, using too many systems of record, and puting automation on the back burner. Winshuttle addresses data integration challenges, and can transform the business finance function.

wug We’re Looking for WUG 2016 Speakers!

By Kristen Germain on March 12, 2015

Winshuttle is on the prowl for speakers to share success stories, interesting case studies, and best practices with fellow users at the WUG 2016 in Las Vegas!

2015-02-26_19-49-02 Does Finance Outsourcing Solve the Problem?

By Clinton Jones on March 9, 2015

Recent studies have found that outsourcing doesn’t necessarily improve the finance function. By standardizing even the simplest processes, businesses were able to constrain their workforce size and improve their data quality by using Winshuttle to standardize data.

bp7 BPC: Satisfaction of Business Planning and Consolidation

By Clinton Jones on March 4, 2015

After completing a survey for Winshuttle in 2013, SAP customers using Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) techniques noted several benefits and challenges.

people tech Finance Automation: A Strategic Vision to Success

By Clinton Jones on March 3, 2015

Financial automation will position your finance department as a strategic partner in the business, leading to savings and efficiency. Automation leads to streamlined finance operations, improves the through-put of transactional processing operations, and creates benefits like lower transactional costs.

Pyramids How Great is Your Master Data?

By David Coerchon on March 2, 2015

Much like a proportionality rule enabled a man to measure the height of the Cheops Pyramid with a stick, when checking master data, if you’re able to synchronize measurements using the same point of reference, you’re more likely to find a simple efficient solution for correct data collection.

datagauge Lean Data Management Initiative Factors

By Clinton Jones on February 27, 2015

When developing a lean data management approach, choosing the right initiatives like prioritizing inventory, determining relevant items to manage your data, and how quickly the process needs to be will help create effective data management solutions.