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SharedServicesImage The ERP Realization: Addressing Your Company’s Unmet Needs

By Bill Wiseman on April 16, 2015

When business needs outweigh the capacity of the IT department, implementing Winshuttle’s lean data management approach to your ERP solution will greatly improve your process efficiencies.

auditstamp Defining Sensitive Transaction Codes in SAP For Year-end Audits

By Clinton Jones on April 13, 2015

With year end audits underway, it’s important to identify sensitive transaction codes in your SAP system to properly build control and governance around the creation of your Master Records.

sapphitr Are You Ready for Another SAPPHIRE NOW?

By Jennifer Hwang on April 10, 2015

As we prepare for the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW, we’re excited to greet you with our giant Brushie, offer a MicroForum discussion around lean techniques, and set appointments with us for the conference.

doug Another Successful SAP Insider SCM Logistics Conference in the Books

By dstepina on April 9, 2015

While at the 2015 SAP Insider SCM conference last week, I was reminded of the first SCM conference I attended back in 2008. As I reflect on what has changed in my career path over the course of the years, its interested to note how Winshuttle has evolved as well.

wug 1 Top 4 Reasons To Attend a Conference

By Kristen Mery on April 8, 2015

The benefits of attending a conference large or small in your field are vast, from expanding your product knowledge to growing your SAP network. In this blog, we’ve divulged the top 4 reasons you should consider attending the WUG conference.

SharedServicesImage Lean Data Management and the Benefits of Small Changes

By Israel Rosales on April 6, 2015

Changes don’t have an economy of scale; quicker and smaller changes, and a lean data management approach are cheaper and easier to implement than big bang complex changes.

extracttransformload Winshuttle Transaction vs. Journal Entry

By Clinton Jones on April 2, 2015

Winshuttle users often ask when they should use Transaction, Studio, or Runner instead of Journal Entry, and in this post we break down the different ways to utilize each product.

SharedServicesImage Driving Top AND Bottom Line Benefits from Lean Data Management

By Jim O'Farrell on March 30, 2015

Companies like Pactiv/Reynolds Consumer Corporation are leveraging Winshuttle’s lean data management platform’s capabilities to accelerate data collection, validation and movement providing market/revenue advantages over their competition.

Buying-Time Factors That Kill Productivity

By Clinton Jones on March 26, 2015

Oftentimes we look back on the workday, and realize we weren’t very productive, or successful at adding value to our job. Here we’ve listed common time wasting activities that kill productivity, and ways to avoid them.

natsteel-logo NatSteel Improves SAP Master Data, Reducing Material Creation Process by 30%!

By Jim O'Farrell on March 23, 2015

Leveraging WInshuttle Foundation, NatSteel was able to reduce their material creation processing by 30%, and vastly improve their SAP Master Data.