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Empowering Your SAP Application Data Managers

In this post, find out how automating SAP business processes will empower your application data management team to take control of data in SAP, and free up time for more value added tasks.

Clinton Jones · October 19, 2016

Is Good Data Quality Part of Your Big Data Strategy?

Bad data costs US businesses $600 billion dollars a year. Find out how important high data quality is to the organization & steps you need to take to achieve it.

Manan Joshi · October 12, 2016

How to Apply the Concept of Leading Indicators to Define Your KPI’s

In this post, learn how utilizing leading indicators to select your KPI’s will increase the efficiency and success of your supply chain operations.

Clinton Jones · October 5, 2016

How Process Automation Will Transform Your Finance Function

Periodic reviews of how your business is performing based on tactical and strategic goals is a part of everyday business. As part of this process at Winshuttle, I get to attend meetings with various teams to discuss success and the opportunities that are in flight. A recurring theme I’ve noticed is the challenge of understanding where Winshuttle products fall in relation to process automation. An interesting question was brought up around where a robotic process might be useful in comparison with a set of Winshuttle bound processes. Questions like this arise in sales cycles, but more often than not the… Read more

Clinton Jones · September 28, 2016

What Does Winshuttle’s S/4 HANA Certification Mean For You?

Winshuttle Studio has been certified for integration with SAP S/4 HANA. Find out what this means for customers, and learn more about future certifications.

Clinton Jones · September 21, 2016

Don’t Miss Our Session at SAP Controlling

The SAP Controlling conference is this week in San Diego! In this post, learn why you should attend Winshuttle’s session Tips & Tricks for Streamlining your SAP Finance Operations at the conference.

Bob Glitch · September 12, 2016

Winshuttle’s Value in Digital Transformation

Companies looking for digital transformation solutions should utilize Winshuttle as a proven, user intuitive platform to build a digital strategy for innovation.

Manan Joshi · September 7, 2016

Join a Local Winshuttle User Group!

In this post, learn about the benefits of joining a local Winshuttle User Group like networking with other users in your area, learning best practices and exciting new use cases!

Kara Tiernan · August 31, 2016

How KPIs Help Your Quest for High AP Performance     

Find out how choosing actionable KPIs will enable you to improve your AP processes for a high performing finance function.

Clinton Jones · August 24, 2016

How Should You Collect SAP Application Data?

Managing SAP application data is difficult – find out the benefits of using Winshuttle to streamline data collection, validation and movement.

Clinton Jones · August 17, 2016

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