Insights from Master Data Customer Success Stories at EMEA WUG

By Kristian Kalsing on May 21, 2014

After our well attended jumpstart sessions yesterday, we officially kicked off the inaugural pan-European edition of the Winshuttle User Group Conference with a keynote presentation by featured guest speaker, Nigel Barlow. For more than forty-five minutes, Nigel engaged our attendees on how to think differently and challenge the status quo. His ideas on creativity and innovation resonated with our customers and the Winshuttle Nigelculture as a whole.

He had many interesting points, but here are a few quotes of his that I really liked:

  • “Teach yourself ignorance, because that is how you learn”
  • “Optimists are more successful than pessimists because they try more stuff”
  • “In a time of big data we still make decisions on small data” (i.e. we tend to stereotype a lot)

After the keynotes attendees moved into breakout sessions where they had a chance to share their success stories. Here are some powerful stories from our customers:

A lighting manufacturer spoke about how Winshuttle has become indispensable because of a dynamic market that sees new types of lighting introduced every month. They have to nimble enough to respond, and Winshuttle allows them to be much more responsive and flexible in the way they manage their 730,000 materials in SAP.

Next, a producer of specialty chemical materials summarized their lessons learnt from a global rollout of Winshuttle forms and workflow for a variety of internal processes. By standardizing their global processes, they are now reaping the benefits of improved data quality and optimized processes. An impressive 30% of all of their employees are using Winshuttle in their jobs and are continually scoping out new processes to automate.

Finally, we had a large company from Saudi Arabia demonstrate how Winshuttle forms and workflow solutions can handle advanced scenarios. In this case, they had a very complex business process for setting up a new customer in SAP. In Saudi Arabia, there is no public credit agency and credit terms are effectively decided by eight different committees. They built a workflow to facilitate eight parallel approval streams, with five approvers each.

heroAll in all, we very good first day at EMEA Winshuttle User Group and I look forward to our Winshuttle 10-year celebration party tonight. We’ll recognize customers who are using our software in innovative ways with a Golden Brushy Award. As Nigel Barlow said in his keynote “Unsuccessful companies have meetings. Successful ones have parties!”

What are your highlights so far?

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Based in Seattle, Kristian is part of the product management team at Winshuttle where he is responsible for solutions that help companies to perform better by improving their management and governance of master data. Kristian has 15 years of experience with enterprise solutions in a broad range of industries across Europe, Australia and North America. When not at work, Kristian spends most of his time climbing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.

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