Optimize SCM processes by continually improving master data

By Kristian Kalsing on May 23, 2013

Most aspects of the supply chain are heavily reliant on the quality of the underlying master data. Errors and omissions in master data records cause operational problems, costing organizations millions of dollars in both lost opportunities and having to rectify mistakes. Common symptoms of poor master data in the supply chain include growing inventory levels, unsatisfactory customer services levels and constrained production capacity.

A high quality SCM process requires high quality master data. However, improvements have to be made without disrupting the business by gradually eliminating waste without requiring major process changes and system overhauls. Winshuttle provides a path to better SAP master data and is a powerful tool in the “Lean” toolbox that can automate data-intensive work in SAP, addressing the most important issues one by one.

Continually optimizing supply chain processes is one immediate benefit that can be realized with an agile platform for improving master data. Quick wins will free up valuable resources because they no longer need to spend as much time performing cumbersome work in SAP. Instead, supply chain professionals can use their valued expertise for what it was really meant for and start thinking about how to improve SCM processes.

With a platform like Winshuttle in place, you will also find that it becomes much more feasible to use additional functionality in SAP such as truck management, yard management and packaging management. Many companies simply decide not to implement these modules. Not because the functionality isn’t valuable, but because of the workload associated with feeding those modules the required data. With a viable approach to using these additional modules, new avenues for supply chain optimization open up and higher returns on the investment in SAP are gained.

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Based in Seattle, Kristian is part of the product management team at Winshuttle where he is responsible for solutions that help companies to perform better by improving their management and governance of master data. Kristian has 15 years of experience with enterprise solutions in a broad range of industries across Europe, Australia and North America. When not at work, Kristian spends most of his time climbing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.

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