Verify customer and vendor addresses using SAP Data Services

By Kristian Kalsing on June 6, 2013

Winshuttle has native support for validating form data against business rules configured in SAP even before submitting the request. This is important because it means there is no need for replicating this logic outside of SAP. In addition, Winshuttle can also include value-added rules that are not usually stored in SAP. Examples of this are simple rules for automatically filling in default values based on values in a few initial fields. For more advanced validation of data such as address verification, SAP Data Services offer valuable complementary capabilities. It is possible to build a customer request form like the one shown below. In the address section, the requester is able to send the entered address to SAP Data Services for verification and standardization. Similar validation can be achieved for other data fields requiring verification against external databases, including tax or VAT numbers.Customer Request Form

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