Announcing the Workflow Dashboard Beta Program

By Kristian Kalsing on March 17, 2014

Winshuttle Foundation includes advanced workflow capabilities that companies are using to optimize internal processes for collecting, reviewing and approving data before it is loaded into the ERP back-end. Often replacing very manual email-based processes, these solutions offer an immediate benefit in terms of reducing costly processing time and improving data quality. Once these workflow solutions have been in place for a while there are two questions that process owners keep asking:

  • How are my processes performing?
  • Where are my bottlenecks?

You first want to answer how your processes are performing to understand of how well you are meeting service-level agreements with the business. Once bottlenecks have been identified you can plan for process improvements. Winshuttle Workflow has a comprehensive audit log that ultimately holds the answers to these questions and many customers are already building reports based on the data logs.

However, our goal is to provide some of these reports directly out-of-the-box. We’re introducing a new dashboard for Winshuttle Workflow which is designed specifically to answer the two questions above. It will be pre-wired to the workflow logs and present live information on how your processes have been performing in a given time period. It will also have drill-down capabilities enabling you to pinpoint exactly where the bottlenecks in your processes are. The dashboard will have a high impact as a tool for making continual improvements.

The new dashboard has just been made available as a Beta release, meaning that customers are invited to participate in an early evaluation of this new component. If you are an existing Winshuttle customer and have one or more workflow processes implemented, please contact us for a demo and a discussion on what the Workflow Dashboard beta-program entails. Participants will have the opportunity to influence the functionality and long term roadmap.


Dashboard for Winshuttle Workflow

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