Manage SAP Financial Data Efficiently

Finance teams are under significant pressure during the month-end close, and it can be a struggle to get everything posted correctly and on time using error-prone manual processes.

Existing tools for automating data into SAP rely on costly IT resources to modify even the slightest change, which creates a bottleneck in the process and doesn’t offer the flexibility you need to meet your deadline. Winshuttle allows you to streamline your financial SAP data management processes so you can get your data right the first time.

Learn how to improve your core finance operations

Eliminate manual data entry through process automation

Eliminate manual entry by uploading journal postings directly from Excel to SAP. Easily create and manage your own scripts without relying on IT, through process automation.

Real-time data validation before posting to SAP

Validate data at the point of entry against business rules defined in SAP before posting journals. Discrepancies are identified early, and postings are correct the first time.

Ensure compliance during data capture

In order to comply with SOX and other regulations, Winshuttle supports the four eyes principle and tracks all approvals and postings in a central audit log.

The only product out there that met the need was Winshuttle.

Erin Stone
SAP FI-CO Senior Analyst,
B. Braun



90% decrease in completion time for capital expenditure requests.

Learn how Moen, North America’s number one faucet brand, was able to reduce their Capital Expense Request (CER) process from 4-10 days to 1-2 days using Winshuttle for automation.

74% of companies believe complexity hurts ability to meet goals

Finance teams are under pressure during month’s end, and typically use a mixed bag of third-party tools and custom programs to automate data uploads into SAP. It’s complex to support several solutions, and doesn’t allow the organization to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform for SAP Finance minimizes complexity and allows you to increase efficiency to build a high performing finance organization.

Winshuttle finance users saved an average 10% of their time posting to SAP by automating FB01 transaction in 2015

Most existing options for automating SAP processes aren’t very flexible and rely heavily on IT resources. With Winshuttle, you can rapidly build workflow solutions that integrate securely with SAP to improve data quality and accuracy, and promote compliance with corporate and regulatory policies. Winshuttle allows you to optimize SAP transactions incrementally, without requiring extensive changes to your existing SAP installation or custom programming.

Faster, easier, leaner FI-CO operations

Winshuttle gives you the power to improve and standardize core operations that are the foundation of your finance function:

Data entry

Data entry

Record SAP transactions and publish them as simple forms that post data to SAP without errors or the need for manual re-entry.

Process automation

Process automation

Create workflow routines to automate and standardize business processes and promote compliance.

Mass data operations

Mass data operations

Use Microsoft Excel as a secure front-end for batch creation and management of large volumes of data in SAP.

Tactical reporting

Tactical reporting

Access and download SAP data in real time to enhance decision making without compromising security or performance.

Speed up and simplify core SAP FI-CO operations

General LedgerGeneral Ledger Postings

Financial documents are the basic unit of work for SAP Finance transactions and accurate and timely posting is an essential element of operational efficiency. Customers can use Winshuttle Journal Entry for basic park and post operations or build custom solutions for multi-party processes.

Asset accountingAsset Accounting

Companies must be able to create and adjust assets and their asset accounting to reflect changes in their asset register, depreciation rules, and balance sheet. Winshuttle asset accounting solutions have extensive flexibility to accommodate custom fields or other configuration-specific information.

Planning & BudgetingPlanning & Budgeting

Successful planning begins with accurate and complete data. Winshuttle’s budgeting and planning solutions are optimized for transferring and maintaining data across multiple SAP or third party systems to ensure planning processes produce accurate, accessible, and actionable results.

Master recordsFinancial Master Records

All SAP operations depend on high quality master data. Winshuttle allows you to use the same tool for posting journals and master data, so you can do mass maintenance of data directly in Excel to update in SAP. By using the same tool, you only need to support and maintain one solution for data management.

Finance Shared ServicesFinance Shared Services

Financial processing is the most common activity in Shared Services centers. Winshuttle helps organizations optimize their SAP systems for Shared Service delivery by giving them the power to simplify, standardize, and automate key business processes without requiring custom development.

Our customer success stories

B Braun

B. Braun

Decreased data entry time from 3 days to seconds.

Learn how B. Braun Medical Inc., a global manufacturing and market leader of healthcare products and services, uses Winshuttle Transaction to automate the loading of financial data into their SAP system, saving time, increasing data accuracy and reducing employee burnout.


Kelloggs – Fixed Asset Accounting

Financial operation automation is key to reducing the amount of time required to manually enter data, as well as reducing the errors that inevitably result from manual processes. Learn how Amber Bonnell and Lana Andrews use consistent Excel templates to take asset transfer time from 2 weeks down to just 2 hours, and how Winshuttle has helped them increase efficiency and improve accuracy in the Fixed Asset Management department at Kelloggs.

White Paper

5 Ways Excel Accelerates Your Return on SAP FICO Business Processes

How can a finance and/or controller professional access SAP FICO data leveraging Microsoft Excel in a highly usable and interoperable fashion while respecting all of the SAP core security and governance controls? In order to fully explore this question, this white paper highlights five valuable ways to leverage Microsoft Excel to reduce Finance & Controller operational costs while making your SAP FICO systems implementation, management and maintenance life easier.

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