SAP Master Records

Improve efficiency of financial operations and increase confidence in financial data with the SAP master records process.

  • Faster creation and maintenance to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Improved governance and control to eliminate errors and duplication.
  • Greater visibility for all stakeholders.

Automating FB50 with Winshuttle Transaction

The Challenge

Maintaining accurate, up to date financial master records requires a perfect balance between accessibility and control. Restricting the ability to create and change master records to a small number of people leads to bottlenecks that could delay period close. Allowing indiscriminate or ungoverned access can lead to errors and duplication of records that can in turn lead to bad transactional data and incorrect accounting and reporting.

The Winshuttle Solution

Winshuttle for SAP Finance Master Records gives finance professionals the power to create the tools and processes they need to implement, control and govern the creation of finance master records without the need to rely on unstructured tribal knowledge about the process. Winshuttle’s data and process automation capabilities allow organizations to define the data and the type of interaction model that is most optimal for extracting, reviewing, transforming and updating SAP finance master records. Winshuttle tools use existing SAP logon credentials and provide robust auditing and rollback capabilities to maximize flexibility while minimizing risk.

Create GL account

Create GL account


  • Data entry — Finance teams can use Winshuttle enabled spreadsheets to consolidate data from disparate sources and upload it to SAP; or to create and make adjustments to SAP master record data on a single record or mass basis.
  • Process automation — Winshuttle’s easy to use Workflow design tools allow organizations to automate routines for data collection, routing, approval, and other core functions, making it easier to arrive at consensus and execute master record management transactions quickly and accurately.
  • Mass data operations — Winshuttle enables the use of Microsoft Excel as a tool for securely creating and changing medium to large master data sets in SAP, ensuring that the financial structure accurately reflects current operations.
  • Tactical reporting — Winshuttle provides secure tools for ad-hoc data extraction of master record information from SAP tables, allowing for flexible custom reporting that makes master record data available to managers and decision makers throughout the organization.

Create GL account

Create GL account


  • Customers using Winshuttle for SAP Finance to optimize financial master record operations are experiencing significant cost savings and improved performance.
  • Fewer errors and duplicates in General Ledger accounts, cost and profit centers, and other key records.
  • Higher quality inputs to OLTP systems.
  • Faster, easier creation and movement of accounts to new structures.

Asset Accounting

Case study

B. Braun

B. Braun Medical Remedies SAP Data Entry Process with Winshuttle

"The only product out there that met the need was Winshuttle."

Erin Stone, SAP FI-CO Senior Analyst, B. Braun