Human Resources

Reinvent your HR strategy

From low priority to mission-critical, Winshuttle allows you to automate SAP HR processes so you can manage data accurately across the employee life cycle. HR staff can work within the familiar Excel interface to automate data work, reduce reliance on IT and free up time for more value-added and strategic initiatives.

Reduce manual work and improve data quality

Integrate disparate HR operations and systems

Ensure compliance with security and governance standards

Deliver meaningful reports

Streamline everyday HR business processes.

Milestones within the employee life cycle can add up to a lot of manual work. Winshuttle offers a quick and efficient way to manage these requests one at a time, en masse for reorganizations, or Cost of Living Adjustments.

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Automate data creation and updates for setting up Organizational Units, internal reporting structures, job positions, and other HCM objects through a user-friend Excel-based solution.

Easily manage employee learning and the associated activities for enrollment, attendance tracking and reporting through Winshuttle’s automated solutions and focus time and energy on higher value add activities like content creation and delivery.

Multiply your speed and efficiency for merger and acquisition activities and meet tight deadlines every time.

Contract, and temporary employees can cycle through several personnel changes multiple times in a single year, and Winshuttle enables you to mitigate these manual challenges with Excel-based automation.

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