Top 10 SAP Transactions by Line of Business

Winshuttle delivers significant productivity improvements for hundreds of SAP transactions across all modules of SAP. Customers in virtually every line of business from finance to HR have experienced SAP process efficiency gains, enabling them to become a high performing strategic partner to the business.

Top 10 SAP t-codes by line of business processed by Winshuttle Studio

Master Data

T-Code T-Code Description Number of Customers Processing time saved by automation
MM02 Change Material 751 86.52%
MM01 Create Material 630 88.20%
XD02 Customer Change 440 79.80%
VK11 Create Condition Records 408 78.60%
XK02 Vendor Change 392 86.70%
XD01 Customer Create 341 93.60%
XK01 Vendor Create 287 89.90%
VK12 Change Condition Records 242 77.80%
KS02 Change Cost Center 178 74.60%
KS01 Create Cost Center 177 94.00%


T-Code T-Code Description Number of Customers Processing time saved by automation
AS02 Change Asset 240 85.00%
FB50 Enter G/L Account Document: Company Code XXXX 219 95.80%
FB01 Post Document: Header Data 211 95.20%
AS01 Create Asset 191 88.50%
FB60 Enter Vendor Invoice: Company Code XXXX 172 95.20%
FD32 Customer Credit Management Change 164 82.40%
FB02 Change Document 153 76.90%
KO01 Create Internal Order 120 93.40%
F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting: Header Data 113 92.90%
FB70 Enter Customer Invoice: Company Code XXXX 91 95.60%

Supply Chain

T-Code T-Code Description Number of Customers Processing time saved by automation
VA02 Change Sales Order 391 78.00%
VA01 Create Sales Order 348 91.40%
CS01 Create Material Bill of Material 255 86.80%
CS02 Change Material Bill of Material 244 82.00%
ME22N Change Purchase Order 239 91.90%
ME21N Create Purchase Order 206 94.70%
MIGO Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order 190 84.90%
CA02 Change Routing 152 73.10%
IW32 Change Order 150 73.90%
CA01 Create Routing 102 83.50%

Human Resources

T-Code T-Code Description Number of Customers Processing time saved by automation
PA30 Maintain Personnel Master Data 280 88.30%
PA40 Personnel Actions 182 92.40%
PO13 Maintain Position 103 88.30%
PP01 Maintain Plan Data (Menu Guided) 84 80.90%
PP02 Maintain Plan Data (Open) 55 88.50%
CAT2 Time Sheet (Change) 42 92.20%
PO10 Maintain Organizational Unit 40 67.90%
PP03 Maintain Plan Data (Event Guided) 32 90.50%
PO03 Maintain Job 21 90.50%
PA20 Display Personnel Master Data 14 93.40%


What are the top transactions in this list based on?
Winshuttle has a database of customers who are uploading 1.3 billion records per year and counting, and have agreed to share data around how they’re using our products and how much time they’re saving with our tools. The savings column represents maximum potential savings when comparing Winshuttle vs. manual entry, and is a good guide for prioritizations and justification, but not a guarantee.
Can I use Winshuttle to optimize a t-code that doesn’t appear in the table?
Winshuttle is used in literally thousands of other SAP transactions and processes, so if you don’t see a transaction you are interested in in the table, don’t worry – chances are someone is already using Winshuttle to improve and automate it.

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