What is Lean Data Management?

An approach to manage ERP data in your enterprise through the use of lean applications that streamline data collection, data validation and data movement. Utilizing existing investments, these lean applications are built iteratively in short cycle times by business or IT teams working in close collaboration with end-users.

Lean Data Management

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How large is your data management tax?

Companies invest in SAP ERP to run their businesses more effectively. However, every ERP system relies on the accuracy of the data being loaded into the systems in the first place. With the explosion in data growth rates, effective data management requires much more than IT’s management of system storage – it requires tools and methods that the business can use to create and manage transactional and master data. Effective data management must become the responsibility of every user touching the ERP system. All of the work associated with collecting, validating and moving data into the system, creates a data management “tax.” This tax will increase exponentially over time as the amount of data grows.

The tax is twofold:

Direct cost: Throughout the business large numbers of users are spending numerous hours a day dealing with manual ERP data entry and transcription work. That is a lot of people time committed to a data “tax” overhead and the price of unproductive time is high.

Indirect cost: You can never eliminate human errors and manual work does not scale, so more and more delays and errors will creep into your data maintenance and creation activities. Delayed or distorted strategic decisions based on inaccurate data lead to overlooked waste and high costs, missed new product and business development opportunities, and poor long-term investments.

Why Winshuttle Lean Data Management?

Winshuttle’s platform has been architected to collect, validate and integrate data into SAP ERP systems in a rapid manner without compromising security or governance. Most software vendors in the ERP data management space are focused on big solutions that often take 12-18 months to deploy. While these big solutions are important and have a significant place in a corporate IT stack, Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform focuses on solutions that can be developed and deployed in weeks which means business processes can be easily adapted to changes in the business environment. Winshuttle’s rapid deployment capabilities allow business analysts to accelerate continuous improvement initiatives and take a more active role in process optimization without requiring costly external resources.


Lean: A continuous improvement methodology for improving cycle times and quality through the elimination of waste.

Reduce waste by optimizing the data

Winshuttle’s core capabilities to build workflow-enabled SAP ERP processes include:

Winshuttle’s unique lean solutions delegate ownership and maintenance of data back to the business, increasing IT bandwidth and maximizing the velocity of SAP ERP data management and process automation.

Winshuttle success stories

AZ Electronics

AZ Electronic Materials



30% decrease in time needed for material creation requests.



1.7 million records uploaded to SAP.

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