Partnership opportunities to fit your business model

The Winshuttle Partner Network™ is a global community of trusted business advisers who design, implement, resell, and support Winshuttle products. The program provides the necessary training, selling tools, marketing campaigns, and technical support companies need to stay a step ahead of their competition.

Partnering with Winshuttle helps companies differentiate themselves in today’s competitive marketplace. Members of the Winshuttle Partner Network gain access to exclusive training, tools, and resources. We have partnership opportunities that fit any business model—learn more and join forces with us today!

Program tiers

Premier resellers

Premier Resellers have access to a full range of benefits to help them use Winshuttle as a marketplace advantage. Our required technical certification ensures deep knowledge and familiarity with our latest technologies and we have a variety of marketing, sales, and support resources available for use on the Winshuttle Partner Portal.

Referral partners

Becoming a Referral Partner is the simplest way to join the Winshuttle Partner Network. Referral Partners receive financial rewards when their customer opportunities are successfully closed, so revenue possibilities are unlimited. Some training is required and sales training and marketing collateral will be available on our partner portal.

Program benefits

  • Training to develop your Winshuttle sales and technical skills
  • Communication tools to help you grow your customer base
  • Sales and technical support throughout the sales cycle
  • Referral program for successfully closed opportunities

Program FAQs

Is there a cost associated with becoming a Winshuttle partner?

No. There is no cost to join the program but there is a time investment required to stay current with our training courses and revenue targets for each partner type.

Are there any prerequisites to joining the partner network?

Candidates for the partner network should have significant experience with SAP and Microsoft business applications such as SharePoint.

Does Winshuttle provide sales and technical training?

Yes. We offer self-guided web-based training along with other sales and marketing resources on our secure partner portal. Regional, instructor-led technical training is also available.

Winshuttle Technology Partners

Winshuttle’s Partner Network includes our Technology Partners SAP and Microsoft.

SAP partnership

Winshuttle is an SAP Software Partner and has achieved SAP Certified Integration and Powered by NetWeaver certification. In addition to being an SAP partner, Winshuttle is proud to have SAP as a customer. SAP’s Demo Solutions Group (DSG) uses Winshuttle Transaction software as part of their SAP demo toolkit.

Microsoft partnership

Winshuttle is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has achieved ISV/Software Solutions and Security Solutions, as well as Portals and Collaboration competencies. Additionally, Winshuttle has achieved Windows 8 certification for core desktop products Transaction, Query and Runner.