Unique Features of the Winshuttle Platform


Rapidly capture all of the data by defining the models, rules and process information needed to optimize SAP operations and data quality.


Provide smart user interfaces with built in data validation at the point of entry, getting the correct data the first time.


Migrate data either en masse or at a single transaction record level from a web form or within Excel; from originator to reviewer to approver to data upload.


Provide enterprise IT with complete governance and security by leveraging existing SAP and Microsoft standards.

Winshuttle Products

Winshuttle Studio

Integrated Winshuttle applications that help the business and IT create usable solutions for SAP-centric business processes.

Winshuttle Foundation

Business driven and IT enabled, Foundation allows you to automate complex business processes spanning across a broad user base.

The Business Value

Move from delays and errors to a world of speed and accuracy.

Increase Efficiency

Rapidly collect and manage enterprise-wide data, and automate data management tasks.

Lower Cost

An intuitive interface streamlines data collection, validation and movement, and reduces the need for manual effort.

Minimize Risk

Reduce business disruption, data loss, regulatory compliance, missed deadlines, and making bad business decisions.

Innovate Faster

Empower business users to transform and automate SAP processes while maintaining the SAP control and governance requirements of IT.