ERP Usability

Improve ERP usability, increase profitability

ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle EBS provide users visibility into information and processes, establishing the foundation for organizational change and growth. While very useful, these systems are also extremely complex which impacts your efforts to achieve operational goals.

We focus on empowering people to improve their business. Enhancements dedicated to ERP usability can radically accelerate ERP user transactions, saving and redirecting millions of dollars for customers every day by freeing up valuable corporate resources from mundane or complex transaction processing.

To help enterprises fully capitalize on the strategic potential of their ERP investment, Winshuttle provides a methodology for the management of an ERP usability project. This methodology breaks down ERP usability into a distinct set of transactions, users and organizational information, identifying key candidates for business process innovation.

Root causes of business interruption

Root causes of business interruption

Winshuttle Value

Winshuttle’s benchmark database contains actual customer usage statistics providing a reference for comparative analysis. The Winshuttle methodology compares an existing SAP system to the performance of systems used by similar companies in the same industry, helping to identify inefficient processes and transactions which provide a basis for further investigation and understanding. This process is called the Winshuttle Business Value Assessment.

Winshuttle value

Winshuttle value

See how Maersk improved process, system and usage with Winshuttle.

Nine months into the project we saw our investment paid back.

Karten Lund, Director-Finance &
Accounting Processes

White paper

This White Paper Explores How ERP Usability Metrics Can be Used to Enhance and Accelerate Your ERP ROI

Poor usability characteristics and unintuitive user interfaces of ERP systems decrease productivity and increase costs for businesses. This paper explores how ERP end user acceptance may be monitored, what metrics may be associated with ERP system usage, and how these metrics may be used as a basis for making informed decisions about enhancing, and thus accelerating, your ERP return on investment.


What type of business processes and/or transactions does the Business Value Assessment evaluate?
The assessment reviews any of the more than 91,000 SAP business transactions and processes. Additionally, the assessment evaluates any of a customer’s custom transactions, as these are also potential candidates for business processing improvement. The results are prioritized based on industry benchmarks for each of these transactions and provide a starting point to explore the highest yielding opportunities for process improvement. Additionally, the BVA provides an ongoing road map for continuous SAP process improvement initiatives within a customer’s department, organization or global enterprise.