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Winshuttle Foundation enhances your SAP environment with a set of core capabilities aimed at maximizing the return on your existing investment in SAP. The capabilities of Foundation are building blocks you can leverage when creating solutions that automate your SAP-centric processes, significantly reducing time-to-value and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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See how Maersk uses Winshuttle to save time and money

Nine months into the project we saw our investment paid back.

Karsten Lund, Director-Finance &
Accounting Processes, GSC A.P. Moller-Maersk

Why use it?

In order to maximize the return on your investment in SAP, you need to ensure that all the business data that resides in SAP is continuously kept up-to-date. This includes transactional and master data that typically comes from other sources, such as Microsoft Excel or paper-based forms.

Deploying Foundation empowers you to automate complex business processes, fully integrated with SAP and without programming.

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What can it do?

Forms & Workflow

Foundation is a SharePoint-based solution to automate business processes via web forms and underpinning workflows, natively integrated with SAP.

SAP Integration Services

Foundation enables server-side execution of SAP upload and download scripts created with the proven Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query business user desktop tools.

Governance & Administration

Foundation improves the way business users work with Winshuttle and provides IT with a complete governance platform for controlling the use of Winshuttle products. Striking a balance between allowing the flexibility needed by the business and meeting the governance requirements of IT, Foundation enables enterprise-wide deployment of Winshuttle.

Winshuttle Foundation activity dashboard

Winshuttle Foundation activity dashboard

Centralized administration

Centralized administration

How does it work?

The capabilities of Winshuttle Foundation are provided as add-ons to standard server technologies and are typically deployed to existing infrastructure.

Function Modules – ABAP function modules for additional security and throttling.

SAP Integration Server – Web service proxy facilitating secure communication between users and SAP.

Application Server – SharePoint solution packages providing capabilities for forms rendering, workflow processing, governance and administration.

Winshuttle Foundation

Winshuttle Foundation

Winshuttle Foundation key features

Swimlane Design Canvas – Model business processes and role-based workflows using an intuitive graphical design surface, supporting both parallel and serial flows. Customize notifications with due dates, escalations and out-of-office delegations.

Web Forms – Design business forms with Microsoft InfoPath without writing code. Deploy to users as rich interactive web forms via Microsoft SharePoint.

Activity Reporting – Create KPI dashboards for performance monitoring your business processes and report against service-level agreements (SLAs). Perform bottleneck analysis and identify areas for ongoing process improvements.

Web services – Publish Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query scripts as web services that are based on industry standards.

Autopost – Offload Microsoft Excel-based data uploads to a server for automatic posting to SAP. Post automatically on behalf of data submitter immediately after review and approval or schedule large uploads to run outside of peak hours.

Scheduling – Schedule large data extraction jobs to run on the server outside of peak hours without relying on the desktop.

License Management – Activate and manage all of your Winshuttle licenses from one central location.

Usage Policies – Create policies that restrict users from performing any actions that may compromise the performance of the SAP system. Limit mass uploads or resource-intensive queries during peak hours.

Audit & Reports – Access a comprehensive and verifiable audit trail of when, why and by whom any Winshuttle Transaction or Winshuttle Query script was run.

Case study

Carestream Health

At Carestream, Winshuttle Is the Right Prescription for Enhancing SAP Productivity

"Now we can fine-tune our management of master data, and business users can author SAP transactions without submitting an IT request—even for one-off changes. That’s quite a trifecta: more functionality, happier users, and less administrative burden for our IT department."

Mary Farmer, Supervisor - Applications and Technical Solutions, Carestream Health