Measuring ERP Usability

Address inefficient processes and accelerate ROI

Identify high-value transactions

Companies can improve the ROI on their ERP system by first identifying the system’s usability gaps and assessing the financial potential of those gaps. In this assessment, companies can define a measure of usability based on the metrics outlined here or build a benchmark database that enables them to quickly compare their system to the benchmark.

Winshuttle has built a benchmark database that uses a combination of Winshuttle log files and SAP log files from hundreds of our customers and thousands of users (read more about the database here). By comparing its SAP system to the performance of systems used by similar companies in the same industry, a company can more easily identify inefficient processes and transactions caused by poor usability, and then implement changes accordingly. To facilitate this process, Winshuttle performs an analysis of a customer’s ERP log files and produces a Usability Business Value Assessment.


What type of business processes and/or transactions does the Usability Business Value Assessment evaluate?
The assessment reviews any of the more than 91,000 SAP business transactions and processes. Additionally, the assessment evaluates any of a customer’s custom transactions, as these are also potential candidates for business processing improvement. The results are prioritized based on industry benchmarks for each of these transactions and provide a process improvement road map for a customer’s department, organization, or global enterprise.