SAP Integration

SAP certified integration

The exact method of integration varies from product to product, however Winshuttle has achieved certified SAP certified integration for several products. SAP’s integration certification ensures that a third-party solution truly integrates with an SAP product or technology.

SAP HANA Certified

SAP Partner

Secure integration

Although our products, including Transaction, reside outside of the core SAP system, they use the SAP Remote Function Call (RFC) communication protocol to upload and download SAP data. Winshuttle technologies establish a secure connection with the SAP system using the user’s SAP log-on when creating and/or running a script or query file. Tested by SAP, both Winshuttle Transaction and Query have received the “SAP Certified Integration – Powered by SAP Net Weaver” certification.

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Winshuttle-SAP certified interaction

Winshuttle technologies use the SAP RFC API (librfc) to connect Excel or Access to the SAP Business Suite. The SAP RFC API interacts with the application layer of the SAP system using SAP RFC communication protocol. Transaction uses the RFC API to issue a single function call to SAP at runtime to enable synchronous communication between Transaction and the SAP server. In this case, the receiving SAP system must be active and able to accept and process RFC calls. The same is true for Winshuttle Runner and Server. For more information about the SAP RFC API, visit this page on the SAP site: SAP RFC API


How Does Winshuttle Central integrate with SAP?
Central does not integrate with SAP. Central simply puts policies and procedures in place for the use of Winshuttle products that do integrate with SAP.
How Does Winshuttle Direct integrate with SAP?
Winshuttle uses a Visual C# .NET connector to connect to a given SAP system this is not the same as the SAP .NET connector. This connector is a lean .NET assembly which supports a robust SAP interface without any elaborate infrastructure or additional middleware. This discrete API is available for every type of SAP object allowing Winshuttle to make products whose design and interface implementation is as functionally effective as possible without the user needing to understand the complexities of the SAP application architecture.