Who Needs What

How Winshuttle products help SAP users

Choose a combination of products that meets the organization’s needs

The Winshuttle Usability platform contains a range of integrated products designed to enable SAP users to solve their own SAP data challenges and improve business processes.

Users in an organization tend to group themselves into three areas:

  • Those who build usability assets, such as Winshuttle Transaction scripts or Query templates
  • Those who run those scripts and use those templates to more efficiently interact with SAP
  • Those who control, govern, and deploy Winshuttle products throughout the organization

In some cases, a person in one company with a certain role may report to one department, but a person with the same role in another similar company may report to a different department. For example, some organizations keep the majority of Business Analysts as IT staff, and others having them throughout line-of-business departments.

Historically, our user base has consisted of approximately 40% IT staff and 60% business users. As our product line has grown and more of our customers remotely enable partners and other SAP users, that ratio is changing.

Any suggested usage then depends upon an individual company’s organizational structure and we recommend that our customers work with us or one of our partners to define the optimal combination of products. We offer the following matrix as a broad guide.

Areas Build Run Control

SAP super users

Master data team

SAP users


Remote users



SAP administrators











Case study

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Boosts Productivity Using Winshuttle for Master Data in SAP

"The beauty of Winshuttle for Master Data is that it keeps the ownership with the business side, and allows the end-user to maintain control. The faster response times directly translates into a more positive impact with our customers. And with the man-hours saved, we’re able to redirect our focus toward more value-added initiatives."

Tim Nicholls, EMEA Material Master & Data Management Manager, Pitney Bowes