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Winshuttle’s mission is to make heroes.  Our software lets organizations streamline their ERP operations without costly custom development and without compromising on security and control.

Check out the resources below to see how Winshuttle can solve your organization’s data problems and make you a hero.

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Siemens Interview

Hear Howie Hsu talk about the savings Siemens earned with Winshuttle

How much can you save on SAP with Winshuttle? Find out.

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White papers

Get the latest on current SAP challenges, the newest technologies, and best-of-breed solutions available for your organization from Winshuttle software.

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Case Studies

Winshuttle supports thousands of customers around the globe. Read how they solved their SAP usability issues and saved millions with our innovative solutions.

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Customer Interviews

Thousands of global customers use Winshuttle to make their SAP lives easier. See how these customers save time and money with our solutions.

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Product Demos

Want to see how it all works? View our automated demos to see just how easily you can solve your organization’s SAP data problems with Winshuttle.

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Intro Videos

See Winshuttle solutions such as Transaction, Query, Designer and Direct in action; making processes that once took hours or days into seconds.

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Whether online or in-person, you will experience information-packed sessions led by the Winshuttle team, cutting-edge product showcases, peer exchange workshops, and much more.

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Product Brochures

Winshuttle products make it easy for business teams to work with SAP solutions directly from the applications they prefer, such as Excel and SharePoint – all without any programming.

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Other Resources

Learn about our Business Value Assessment and identify opportunities with the Usability Benchmark Database.

Business Value Assessment
Usability Benchmark Database

What are the usability gaps in your ERP environment? Find out.

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Additional Benefits

View even more benefits and discover how you can change your SAP experience with Winshuttle.

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