Financial impact

How does Winshuttle accelerate my SAP Return-On-Investment?


Cost Driver 1
Productivity, as measured by improved throughput and data quality is directly impacted by implementing SAP business transactions and processes with Winshuttle. Leveraging detailed transaction metrics in Winshuttle, our clients can track the seconds saved and records processed for every SAP interaction. This data coupled with the recording time to execute a typical transaction using the SAP GUI provides a hard metric that provides the basis to project cost savings and capacities gained using Winshuttle. Simply put: Productivity is measured as the difference (in seconds saved) between a typical SAP GUI process and a Winshuttle equivalent process execution. (e.g. MM02 – material maintenance) Productivity also is a function of the number of potential SAP users in your company.


Cost Driver 2
Development cost savings are measured by the difference in the amount of hours required to develop an LSMW script and to implement the same script leveraging the simple "record-map-run" process afforded by Winshuttle’s authoring tools. Based on extensive customer interviews, the estimated savings ranges from $4K to $10K per ‘script’. It also is noteworthy to point out that the ‘blended rate’ for SAP ABAP, BASIS and WORKFLOW experts may run from $150 to $350 USD per hour. Given typical annual IT LSMW script requests averaging anywhere from 20-100’s of SAP data maintenance/LSMW requests per annum, it is very easy to see costs ranging from $200K and easily reaching millions of dollars in terms of both IT programmer and infrastructure expense.

Finally, consider other application development project costs such as building an employee self service portal with SharePoint, or creating a mobile time entry application — these same orders of magnitude cost savings exist for a broad range of SAP business processes using Winshuttle’s ERP usability platform.


Cost Driver 3
Improving timeliness in SAP process improvement testing, quality assurance, user acceptance and implementation is another area where significant cost avoidance occurs by leveraging the Winshuttle usability platform. Surveys of end users indicate high levels of user acceptance (due to enhanced process usability) significantly increase the overall usage of SAP modules. Results again from numerous discussions with Winshuttle customers indicate that deployment costs are anywhere from 1-10% of software license costs, as compared to an SAP GUI implementation where reported costs range from 100-300% of software license cost — a measurable and meaningful difference.


Cost Driver 4
Significantly reducing your costs for initial and on-going SAP end user training is another by-product of making the strategic shift to the ERP usability platform. Anywhere from 4-40 hours per annum training per end user, plus a significant reduction in training staff and equipment overhead are some of the more easily recognizable benefits. Related to training a significant hidden cost avoidance results from reducing the developer training requirements both from a level of complexity in terms of initial ABAP, BASIS and or Workflow training, but the ongoing overhead of maintaining credentials and staying abreast of daily updates, workshops and SDN monitoring. Estimated annual training hours saved per user range from 8 to 80 hours per annum while developer initial ongoing training and continual updates can range from 40-160 hours per annum.


Cost Driver 5
Support desks and shared services teams that assist SAP Users are impacted by the nuances and memorization processes required for SAP GUI based solutions — memorability, learnability are key usability functions that are enormously improved when leveraging the ERP Usability Platform. This driver is measured by the difference between the ongoing support required for Winshuttle and the similar SAP GUI processes. The support call minutes saved is derived from the reduction in time required for a support call which ranges from 5-30 minutes and can occur on anywhere from 5-20% of your SAP transactions depending upon their frequency and complexity.

Infrastructure Utilization

Cost Driver 6
Finally, companies worldwide purchase enormous amounts of computing infrastructure, hardware, software, networking, services and monitoring solutions to optimize their SAP system performance. Layering the ERP Usability platform on top of your existing infrastructure accelerates a broad range of SAP data maintenance, migration, integration, entry and query applications, while broadening the accessibility to all users in a company. Providing the right data at the right time to the right user delivers a higher degree of data integrity while giving the insights necessary to make ‘just-in-time’ business decisions.


My company tends to think of SAP productivity and, for that matter, SAP “usability” as a soft cost, something difficult to measure and report progress against. How does Winshuttle provide these kinds of hard cost metrics for productivity and overall usability?
Simply said, Winshuttle was designed from the ground floor up to improve SAP business processes and to track those processes by recording timings for SAP GUI processes and the commensurate Winshuttle processes. By collecting these findings, Winshuttle has amassed a database of literally millions of SAP records processed to establish industry SAP usability benchmarks in terms of the time saved processing business data with Winshuttle versus the SAP GUI. This advancement in usability monitoring via the Winshuttle Business Value Assessment program provides enterprises worldwide with the opportunity to streamline their business processes and ultimately, accelerate their return on SAP investment.