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Winshuttle’s impact in the real world

Multiply your workforce

Winshuttle™ products save our customers millions every year. Canada Post, one of our many case studies, estimates that Winshuttle saves them nearly $2 million per year. Companies save such large sums thanks to the multiple cost savings and revenue accelerators that Winshuttle enables. Yet, the main benefit customers talk about is the dramatic increases in productivity they see after implementing our software. With Winshuttle, users are often able to increase their SAP productivity by four to five fold.

The impact Winshuttle provides can be dramatic. Says Mark Watson at Sun Chemical, “We’re pretty much seen as miracle workers at Sun Chemical now. I was able to successfully run more than 2.7 million master data transactions in 2009 alone.”

Case study

Canada Post

Canada Post Delivers Automated Data Loading to SAP Users

"We save around $1.9 Million per year in avoided programming, reduced data entry workload costs and Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs. Most importantly, we have given our users a tool that enhances their productivity and the accuracy of the data in our systems.”"

Chantal Gauvreau, Business Process Manager - SAP Center of Excellence, Canada Post

Financial and other benefits

The financial benefits of using Winshuttle can be huge. To help quantify the savings you could realize in your organization, we’ve built a detailed ROI calculator, based on the actual results seen from over 500 of our customers. In addition to the financial impact, Winshuttle provides benefits including, improved data quality, and employee satisfaction.

Data quality

By allowing users, with the push of a button, to input existing data from Excel spreadsheets or other applications into SAP, costly data entry errors are avoided. Winshuttle helps ensure that the data in the system is more accurate and available more quickly to the business.

Payback period

Our customers frequently report the time required to “repay” their original investment in Winshuttle is a just few months. Some customers have reported Winshuttle paid for itself in under a month. Listen to customer podcasts to hear customers discussing their experiences with Winshuttle software and how it impacted their business.

Employee satisfaction

Knowledge workers who power today’s enterprises are valuable assets and organizations invest large amounts of time and money to ensure they are as productive and satisfied as possible. By automating repetitive tasks and by enabling workers to focus on their core responsibilities rather than interacting with the ERP system, Winshuttle dramatically improves the job satisfaction of SAP users.

White paper

10 Places to Reduce Data Management Costs

Given the extreme volatility of the US and global financial markets, and concerns about the overall business outlook, every prudent corporation has moved into cost-cutting and cash-conservation mode. This white paper highlights 10 easy places SAP customers can reduce IT operational costs, with a focus on trimming support and data entry costs by automating data entry. It is intended both for leaders of SAP® competency centers and for business process owners looking for ways to do more with less.