Top SAP Transactions and Processes

The top 20 Winshuttle optimized SAP transactions

Winshuttle delivers significant productivity improvements for many SAP transactions across all modules of SAP. Examples where customers are recognizing significant SAP process improvement include:

  • Data maintenance tasks, such as bulk data management updates and data migration.
  • Implementing a new version of SAP (e.g. migrating from 4.6C to ECC 6.0)
  • Data integration with 3rd party systems, such as billing, payroll and HR systems.
  • Streamlining the query and extract of SAP production data.

The following twenty SAP transactions illustrate the most commonly used t-codes in our database. The Usability Database has been built from Winshuttle’s customer log files, and contains many millions of records and thus is a good source of general trends and common usage data. We have also included the total number of records processed and the estimated Man Days Saved.

TCODE Description SAP Records Processed Employee Days Saved
MM02 Change Material 103,445,346 242,280
VK11 Create Condition Records 77,096,008 243,265
MM01 Create Material 26,459,509 105,627
XD02 Change Customer (Centrally) 22,336,462 58,157
MM42 Change Material 16,681,128 56,922
ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record 13,480,913 29,859
PA30 Maintain Personnel Master Data 11,973,916 34,357
VK15 Create Condition 10,095,227 33,140
IE02 Change Equipment 10,053,293 24,082
VK12 Change Condition Records 9,463,131 22,908
VA02 Change Sales Order 8,492,661 21,324
VD51 Create Customer-Material Info Record 7,951,982 21,287
XK15 Create Conditions 7,894,516 72,661
IW32 Change Order 6,935,456 12,114
MR21 Price Change – Overview Screen 6,221,660 12,640
MB1C Enter Other Goods Receipts 6,206,032 21,212
XK02 Change vendor (centrally) 6,177,586 17,906
SM30 Call View Maintenance 6,038,704 62,248
VD02 Customer Change (Sales) 6,011,381 14,939
ME01 Maintain Source List 5,493,837 14,287

Case study

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Boosts Productivity Using Winshuttle for Master Data in SAP

"The beauty of Winshuttle for Master Data is that it keeps the ownership with the business side, and allows the end-user to maintain control. The faster response times directly translates into a more positive impact with our customers. And with the man-hours saved, we’re able to redirect our focus toward more value-added initiatives."

Tim Nicholls, EMEA Material Master & Data Management Manager, Pitney Bowes


Can I access the Usability Database?
Currently Winshuttle doesn’t publish this database. It is used as part of our UBVA process ( more details here ) or simply contact Winshuttle today if you have a question about any SAP transactions.
Can I use Winshuttle to optimize a t-code that doesn’t appear in the table?
Winshuttle is used in literally thousand other SAP transactions and processes, so if you don’t see a transaction you are interested in the table, don’t worry, the chances are someone is already using Winshuttle to improve and automate it.
What are the most popular SAP modules optimized by Winshuttle customers?
In 2014, our customers processed over 200 million SAP records on Material Management module (MM), followed by another 150 million on Sales Distribution (SD) and 82 million records on Finance (FICO).

White paper

How SAP Users Hold the Key to Business Process Improvement

This white paper highlights the key role that SAP users play in enabling their organizations to improve processes, and discusses how their expertise and experience is lost in some of the traditional approaches that companies use to try to improve processes. In addition, this paper presents an alternative “user-centric” approach that will enable companies to sustainably and measurably improve their processes.