Winshuttle Business Value Assessment

Identify usability gaps in your ERP environment

Winshuttle BVA calculator

Winshuttle BVA calculator

The BVA is an exclusive Winshuttle service that compares your user transaction data with comprehensive benchmark data contained in Winshuttle’s proprietary usability database. By graphing your transaction data against this database – built from our experience with over 1,000 customers – and calculating the potential time and cost savings, the BVA report provides a compelling picture of the usability gaps in your ERP environment and ranks the transaction acceleration opportunities by financial impact.

By focusing their Winshuttle deployment on the highest value transactions, Winshuttle customers can start realizing significant economic gains immediately. In many companies, these gains are so large that they offset the cost of the Winshuttle deployment within ninety days and contribute millions of dollars of net savings to enterprise budgets on a sustainable, annual basis.

The Winshuttle business value assessment is primarily designed for business functional groups who are either implementing and/or have deployed SAP in their organization. Both specific business areas such as Finance and Human Resources, as well as enterprise wide groups such as analysts and information technology management teams can benefit from Winshuttle’s BVA program.

The Winshuttle Business Value Assessment program components

Obtaining and understanding the current volumes of SAP transactions and users provides the important basis for the analysis. The essential input for this program is gathered from the SAP transactional logs that provide the basis for identifying SAP process efficiency gains and cost savings.

  • BVA Script: Leveraging Winshuttle Runner, this script provides data such as the user, transaction frequency and complexity, timing and date driven data that is used to provide you with the critical insight into the cost/benefit and ROI analysis associated with streamlining the business processes and transactions in your SAP system.
  • BVA Survey: A survey of the resources that are involved in development, deployment, training and support for various functions will provide input that we can use in the cost/benefit and ROI analysis. This is done by having your team provide additional data into the Winshuttle Business Value Assessment process.
  • BVA Assessment: The end result… Delivery of the Winshuttle Business Value Assessment will give you a high-level cost/benefit analysis, a 5 year TCO and potential ROI based on your usage of SAP business process improvements.

White paper

How SAP Users Hold the Key to Business Process Improvement

This white paper highlights the key role that SAP users play in enabling their organizations to improve processes, and discusses how their expertise and experience is lost in some of the traditional approaches that companies use to try to improve processes. In addition, this paper presents an alternative “user-centric” approach that will enable companies to sustainably and measurably improve their processes.


I am very interested in the Winshuttle Business Value Assessment program; however, I am concerned about data privacy as it relates to our company’s SAP log files?
This is a very legitimate concern and Winshuttle has taken this issue very seriously. We have secured the data and do not share the source and/or data files with anyone outside of the Winshuttle market research team. Additionally, we are more than willing to execute a mutual non-disclosure and data protection document to assure your company that this data will be managed tightly in a locked down, secure server environment. Finally, the data that is shared is essential only transaction code and volume data. The data provided does not contain sensitive information such as employee ID numbers, social security data, payroll data and / or manufacturing, finance, operations or supply chain specific data.