SAP MDM - The right data, in the right place, at the right time

The foundation for perfect SAP master data management

Optimize and automate SAP data management tasks and rely less on manual work by:

  • Deploy data upload tools that emanate manual data entry
  • Implement workflows that automatically collect data from multiple stakeholders
  • Utilize smart interfaces that validate the data at the point of entry

This will move you from delays and errors to a world of speed and accuracy.

MDM Institute Field Report


An independent research firm evaluated Winshuttle as a Master Data solution.

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Winshuttle for Master Data video

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Take 90 seconds and see why Winshuttle Lean Data Management is the quickest path to better SAP Master Data.

See how this Fortune 500 company is already perfecting SAP Master Data management

Winshuttle has revolutionized our master data creation and maintenance processes.

Blake Abbott
Senior Business Process Manager


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Powerful core capabilities for SAP Master Data management perfection:

Data validation

Provides smart user interfaces with built in data validation at the point of entry, getting the correct data the first time.

Data governance

Provides enterprise IT with complete governance and security by adhering to SAP and Microsoft standards.

Mass maintenance

Migrate data either en masse or at a single transaction record level from a web form or within Excel; from originator to reviewer to approver to data upload all without requiring custom software development.

Process analytics

Users can monitor process tracking for performance insights while managers have complete audit trails of every SAP master data transaction.

Big data expands the possibilities – Get control of it

You want to use vast new flows of information – material, customer, vendor, employee, organization and financial master data – as a trusted source for management decision making. Unfortunately, business practices enable dirty data to pollute these streams of information with bad master data. And bad data makes informed decision-making nearly impossible. Data governance can help alleviate the challenges involved in leveraging Big Data. Enter Winshuttle Lean Data Management. From creation to maintenance to retirement, your operational data is validated, governed and audited, providing you with a trusted source of information for your Big Data information projects. Winshuttle enables companies seeking perfect data via continuous improvement to make the best possible decisions in the least amount of time.

Check out our timeline to learn more about the history of big data.

Big Data

Case study

Under Armour

Under Armour Improves SAP Master Data Loading with Winshuttle

"Prior to using Winshuttle, we would need 550 to 600 person-hours to transfer the data from our product development system into SAP. Now we have it down to 112 hours, meaning that the entire process takes just two days instead of 10."

Steve Walker, Manager of Supply Chain Systems, Under Armour

Design Patterns

Watch this demo about master data design patterns and learn how to accelerate your time to value using developer best practices.

Winshuttle for Master Data video

Data won’t govern itself

The costs of dirty master data have never been higher. Master data errors and omissions cause serious operational problems – difficult planning cycles, delayed production, incorrect billing, failed deliveries and more. Flawed master data also limits sales insights and analysis, produces negative customer experiences and leads to uninformed procurement decisions. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to correct these mistakes, not to mention the tremendous cost in lost opportunities.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform provides the quickest path to better master data in SAP by empowering business teams to make immediate improvements in master data processes. Because it’s so easy to use and deploy, you can quickly solve your most critical data problems and progressively move your organization toward higher master data integrity. In other words, you can be the data hero your company needs. Learn more

Customer Master

Customer creation and updates can be devolved to the business with easy-to-use Web forms, with built-in validation and automated workflows for review and approval. Winshuttle Lean Data Management also provides data stewards the ability to perform mass updates from within Microsoft Excel, saving time and reducing data entry errors. Learn more

Material Master

Collect material data from multiple business groups while validating data at the field level during data entry. This greatly reduces errors and streamlines processes for material creation and updates. Each step of the process provides users with personalized views, customized for their specific role. Learn more

Vendor Master

Authoring Web-based forms and workflows with Winshuttle allows business analysts to easily create processes for collecting and validating vendor data from different business groups, such as Sales, Procurement and Finance. Learn more

Case study

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Boosts Productivity Using Winshuttle for Master Data in SAP

"The beauty of Winshuttle for Master Data is that it keeps the ownership with the business side, and allows the end-user to maintain control. The faster response times directly translates into a more positive impact with our customers. And with the man-hours saved, we’re able to redirect our focus toward more value-added initiatives."

Tim Nicholls, EMEA Material Master & Data Management Manager, Pitney Bowes