SAP Customer Master Data

Envision perfect customer master data for your SAP system

  • Data entry errors, such as incorrect shipping addresses, no longer exist.
  • All departments engaged with customer data creation work seamlessly together to create and update information.
  • Customer data is managed so quickly and easily that your business gains an instant competitive advantage in terms of superior customer service.
  • Your sales, operations, customer service and accounts receivable teams can author customer master data processes in minutes, easily adapting to business growth and changing needs.
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Home Meridian

Home Meridian Cuts Material Creation Time From 40 Minutes to 1

"Material master creation presents unique master data challenges for companies of all sizes. Inaccurate data, constant IT support requests and a lack of data ownership make it a time consuming process with expensive consequences. Listen to Senior SAP Analyst Kathy Hill talk about how the business users at Home Meridian used Winshuttle to cut material creation time from 40 minutes to 1 minute, without involving IT."

Kathy Hill, Senior SAP Analyst, Home Meridian


Keeping customer master data up to date is necessary for maximizing profits in the order-to-cash process. Without high-quality data, your business will have limited visibility to make smart sales decisions and capitalize on opportunities to save costs in fulfillment and post-delivery activities. Bad customer master data also results in incorrect orders, negatively impacting the bottom line and your customers’ experience.


Winshuttle for Master Data offers a powerful solution for creating and maintaining quality customer master data. This market-leading toolset provides a business-driven approach to creating and adapting master data processes to the ever-changing business requirements.


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White paper

Customer Master Data: Common Challenges and Solutions

Each master data domain has unique characteristics that can vary based on a company’s business operations or organizational relationships. This paper discusses the Customer Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It also outlines a set of solution parameters that can streamline customer master data governance and provide organizations with the readiness they need to quickly meet evolving regulatory and business requirements.


  • Data validation – Validate customer master data requests, such as updating shipping addresses, at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP.
  • Data governance – Create role-based and traceable customer governance processes that route delivery change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval.
  • Mass maintenance – Perform mass customer maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming.
  • Process analytics – Monitor and track customer creation and maintenance processes for performance insights and ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP customer master data transaction.

New Customer request

New Customer request

SAP customer master

SAP customer master