Master Data and Data Management Organization

Liberate your data management team to do more value-added work!

Winshuttle reduces data processing time and errors, while freeing up data stewards for more value-added work.

  • Streamline master data collection process from originator to final data steward update
  • Eliminate phone, fax, email, manual data entry, paper forms and 3rd party tracking systems
  • Gain insights into master data processing bottlenecks
  • Track service levels and key performance indicators for master data creation and maintenance
Johns Manville interview

Tonita Espinosa-Young explains how her IT team automated their Master Data processes.


Data management organizations are under pressure to accelerate the creation of materials, customers and vendors, while increasing data accuracy. In the meantime, they also have to deal with manual data entry and completion of compliance reports, incessant churn and cleanup of faulty data submitted by the business, and limited IT resource availability.

Always on the lookout for efficiency, data management organizations seek to cut time wasted on data entry and manual work required for functioning ERP systems. Winshuttle can help.

White paper

A Simple Guide to Material Master Data Governance

Master data within an enterprise is often segmented by domain. Examples of common domains include Customer, Suppliers, Assets, Finance, Employee and Materials/Products, among others. This paper discusses the Materials Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It also highlights the most common conditions for data governance in the Materials Domain.


Automate your entire master data management process, from creation to completion, saving 10 times worth of time while improving data quality.

Winshuttle is the quickest path to better SAP master data. Learn more

Winshuttle streamlines data management by eliminating phone, fax and email churn, manual interventions and paper-based, non-integrated solutions found in 95% of ERP system houses today. Leveraging data validation at the “point of entry” prevents downstream errors, while using “persona-based” forms that limit data fields to those pertinent to each participant increases productivity.

Data management stewards need enhanced insights into master data creation and maintenance processes to identify bottlenecks, improve processing time and increase data accuracy. Winshuttle steps up to the plate by improving compliance and governance activities, ultimately delivering high-quality master data. Plus, much of the systems work in implementing Winshuttle can be performed by technical business analysts, without ABAP or BASIS programmers.


Does Winshuttle require ABAP or BASIS programming skills to create data management solutions such as material creation or maintenance or customer/vendor master data management?
No. Winshuttle’s authoring tools are designed to be used by technical business analysts.
What versions of SAP and SharePoint does Winshuttle support?
SAP 4.6C and up; SharePoint 2007, 2010 and soon 2013.
Does Winshuttle support other key SAP processes beyond master data creation and maintenance?
Yes. Winshuttle supports any SAP transaction through the use of RFCs or BAPIs.

White paper

DataIntent, LLC

Envisioning Perfect Master Data with Data Quality Monitoring

Data excellence is a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. Sound management of master data business rules, standards, and controls is necessary for creating and sustaining high-quality data. This paper discusses the vital components of an effective data quality monitoring program to facilitate this process. It further presents a pragmatic approach to establishing such a program within an enterprise.