Master Data and Information Technology

Free up valuable IT resources by empowering business teams to do more

Liberate IT staff, while enabling master data users to take ownership of solution-building.

  • Accelerate SAP process innovation while freeing up IT development resources
  • Reduce application backlog with an agile development framework for SAP
  • Flexibly address a wide range of SAP data management challenges
  • Improve data quality with validation at the point of entry
Johns Manville interview

Tonita Espinosa-Young explains how her IT team automated their Master Data processes.


IT teams are under pressure to not only accelerate application development to enhance master data creation and maintenance, but to do so leveraging technologies such as Web services, mobile devices and advanced collaboration platforms. They are also charged with building high-performance data upload scripts and complex SAP query and reporting solutions that require expensive ABAP and BASIS development resources. On top of that, IT teams face requests for calibrating SAP Workflow, which is a challenge for any shop.

Seeking better resource utilization, IT organizations want to free highly skilled IT professionals from having to adapt workflows or code data upload scripts and simple queries. That’s where Winshuttle comes in.

White paper

Master Data Maturity Assessment Perception vs. Reality

Well-managed master data is essential to any SAP business process. This paper summarizes the findings from recent surveys and series of interviews with SAP professionals representing every major enterprise department, with the goal to answer questions related to current trends in master data maturity.


Winshuttle liberates your IT organization to focus on strategic system initiatives. Learn More

Winshuttle for Master Data’s authoring tools are designed with business analysts in mind. Winshuttle leverages standard SAP remote function calls (RFCs) and BAPIs to interact with SAP. This capability, in conjunction with Winshuttle’s unique “record, map, run” scripting and easy-to-use programmatic capabilities, lets technical business analysts to quickly build powerful applications for a wide range of master data objects (e.g., material, customer, vendor).

Winshuttle simplifies the application development process, while strictly adhering to SAP security and governance. The net result is off-loading application backlogs and freeing expert IT resources to focus on tasks that require significant ABAP and BASIS programming skills.

Winshuttle’s extensive set of application services empowers technical business analysts to build workflows, dashboards, reports and application components for a wide range of ERP applications supporting human resources, finance, supply chain and business operations.


Does Winshuttle require its own security and governance modules outside of standard SAP security and governance?
No. Winshuttle leverages SAP security and governance, thus requiring no additional IT intervention.
What versions of SAP and SharePoint does Winshuttle support?
SAP 4.6C and up; SharePoint 2007, 2010 and soon 2013.
Does Winshuttle support other key SAP processes beyond master data creation and maintenance?
Yes. Winshuttle supports any SAP transaction through the use of RFCs or BAPIs.
How does Winshuttle compare to LSMW?
There are several key differences between LSMW and Winshuttle Transaction. Learn more about them here.

White paper

The Current State of SAP Master Data: From Challenges to Solutions

This white paper summarizes the findings from 48 interviews with SAP professionals representing every major enterprise department, conducted to identify current trends in master data processing. New solutions, such as Winshuttle for Master Data, fill the need for better master data process automation and management by allowing companies to effectively integrate all aspects of information governance with flexibility required to meet the ever-changing business requirements.