Do more with less and better

Supply Chain professionals are constantly asked to do more with less and better. They are often faced with a number of pressing issues that include:

  • Processes that require continuous improvement to keep up with evolving markets
  • Management demands to become more strategic and add value
  • Management demands to reduce the cost of SCM processes
  • Working in a rigid ERP environment that isn’t susceptible to implementing a Lean approach

Winshuttle for Master Data

Learn how Winshuttle can improve your SCM processes

Winshuttle addresses these concerns in SCM by allowing you to:

Continous Improvement

Continuously improve SAP processes

SAP SCM process improvements are built iteratively in short cycle times, allowing you to resolve pressing issues now, as business processes evolve.

Recude Operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Remove waste that is slowing down operations, and free up valuable resources from mass data entry to speed up collaboration processes and decrease cycle times; resulting in increased productivity and quality savings.


Become a strategic added value SCM

Streamline your processes and decrease your lead time to meet and exceed your customers’ SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

High quality SCM processes require high quality Master Data

Master data is often the root cause of supply chain management process issues. Because our ERP data provides the foundation for our operations, these errors can cause costly process inefficiencies, resulting in a negative impact on the business. Winshuttle is the quickest path to improve efficiency for every step in the SCM process, including the creation of master data.

Winshuttle streamlines data collection, validation and movement. Our solutions validate and automate data into SAP for vendor master data entry, warehouse activities, production operations and transportation, and mass changes to other supply chain management records.

Master Data Pyramid

Success stories


ConAgra Foods

65% average time savings to process new poultry shipments.



Saved 1,900 employee-hours.

White Paper

How to Reduce Waste and Add Value to Your Supply Chain Processes with Winshuttle

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