SAP Material Master Data Management

Envision perfect material master data for your SAP system

  • Material data entry errors, such as incorrect units of measure, no longer exist in the system.
  • All departments engaged with material/item creation work seamlessly together to create and update material data.
  • Material data is created so quickly that supply chain and operations gain an instant competitive advantage.
  • Your product planners and costing teams can author SAP material master data processes in minutes, easily adapting to changing business needs.

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Home Meridian

Home Meridian Cuts Material Creation Time From 40 Minutes to 1

"Material master creation presents unique master data challenges for companies of all sizes. Inaccurate data, constant IT support requests and a lack of data ownership make it a time consuming process with expensive consequences. Listen to Senior SAP Analyst Kathy Hill talk about how the business users at Home Meridian used Winshuttle to cut material creation time from 40 minutes to 1 minute, without involving IT."

Kathy Hill, Senior SAP Analyst, Home Meridian


Creating new materials in SAP is a painful cross-functional process involving product planning, material requirements, costing, finance, plant owners, sales organizations, and more. The myriad of process steps and involvement of multiple contributors in material creation and maintenance lead to numerous errors, with devastating consequences on company operations.


Winshuttle for Master Data provides a flexible approach to creating and maintaining quality SAP material master data. The Winshuttle solution enables organizations to collect master data from different business groups and create efficient workflows using simple SharePoint-based forms. Each data contributor is presented with a personalized view, customized for his or her role in the process, focusing on the relevant subset of material data. And here’s the best part: one-click validation and upload to your SAP system, with no rekeying required!


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White paper

A Simple Guide to Material Master Data Governance

Master data within an enterprise is often segmented by domain. Examples of common domains include Customer, Suppliers, Assets, Finance, Employee and Materials/Products, among others. This paper discusses the Materials Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It also highlights the most common conditions for data governance in the Materials Domain.


  • Data validation: Validate material master data requests, such as part requests, at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP.
  • Data governance: Create role-based and traceable material governance processes that route item change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval.
  • Mass maintenance: Perform mass material/item maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming.
  • Process analytics: Monitor and track processes for performance insights and ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP material/item master data transaction.

Existing material details

Existing material details

Material Master creation

Material Master creation