Establish an Effective Data Governance Framework

Master data is the business’ most valuable asset, and it is important to ensure that data collection, validation and movement is sufficiently maintained and controlled to avoid the costly consequences of bad data. Our customers often report extensive business interruptions, constant firefighting and wasted time spent on data reconciliation as the result of a poorly defined data governance framework.

Winshuttle’s lean approach to data governance will allow you to:

  • Simplify SAP master data management
  • Improve data accuracy and security
  • Document a standardization for controlled processes
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Allow your organization to make continuous improvements as you grow

Data Governance Capabilities

Creation and Maitenance
Creation and maintenance of role-based master data governance processes:

Use drag-and-drop components to quickly create or adapt existing governance workflows to changing business requirements.

Governance traceability
Governance traceability:

Gain performance insights and ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP master data transaction.

Change-request routing
Intelligent change-request routing:

Easily set up and manage routing change requests to different stakeholders for rule-driven actions, including input, review and approval.

Data quality monitoring
Proactive, automated data quality monitoring:

Rapidly identify and resolve data quality issues before they impede business operations. Complete transparency for monitoring all master data elements and rule variations.


An Introduction to Data Governance

This white paper outlines an organizational framework that could be considered to jumpstart your data governance initiative.

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Data Governance: Essential Deliverable for Information-Driven Companies

Managing information with a level of discipline requires a cultural shift for most companies. This white paper outlines how processes like data governance do not move through an organization like a tidal wave of activity; data governance is an ongoing stream of data management that is built over time, with both tactical and long-term initiatives.

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Benefits of a Lean Approach to Data Governance

In this white paper, the data governance coach Nikola Askham identifies reasons for running your data management organization on a data governance foundation, and the benefits of adopting a lean approach.

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