SAP Analytics

Envision perfect master data process analytics

  • Monitor data entry processes by transaction or process owner
  • Leverage easy-to-use cross-organization process dashboards
  • Audit and control SAP master data processes, governance and security
  • Identify and resolve master data process bottlenecks.
  • Obtain trusted master data that gives you a competitive advantage

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Most companies have limited process automation associated with master data. Some companies use email to notify a clerk that a part needs to be created. Other companies have more advanced capabilities, leveraging existing ticketing systems and some form automation, but with manual data entry into SAP. These fractured approaches create numerous data errors that cost millions of dollars to correct. In addition, they lack visibility to monitor, track, audit and report on master data process service levels. Because these systems are not integrated, it is nearly impossible to understand the status of thousands of SAP transactions and users involved.


Winshuttle for Master Data enables business managers to monitor, report and audit on all aspects of SAP master data transaction processing. Using powerful dashboards, configurable reports and push/pull notifications, Winshuttle provides the insights and visibility into process bottlenecks, rogue usage and governance noncompliance. During a master data transaction, each step is date/time stamped as to the user and the specific process completed, with the full historical detail available post transaction update. Dashboards highlight processes in progress, while providing historical data like user and activity associated with a processed transaction.

MDMA webcast

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  • Leverage Winshuttle Foundation to monitor data entry processes by transaction or process owner.
  • Obtain deep insights into mass data maintenance, processing, reviews, approvals and SAP system validation and update activity with easy-to-use cross-organization process dashboards.
  • Quickly identify and resolve master data process bottlenecks without the need for advanced programming to create filters, queries and other typical reporting requirements.
  • Audit and control SAP master data processes related to pre- and post-validation and transaction simulation, with strict adherence to SAP security and governance.

SAP process Analytics

SAP process Analytics