SAP Vendor Master Data

Envision perfect supplier master data for your SAP system

  • Vendor data entry errors, such as incorrect billing addresses, no longer exist.
  • All procure-to-pay departments work seamlessly together to create and update SAP vendor master data.
  • Procurement data is created so quickly that your supply chain and operations gain an instant competitive advantage.
  • Your procurement, finance and accounts payable teams can author vendor master data processes in minutes, easily adapting to supplier ecosystem changes as they happen.

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Mark Goodaire

Mark Goodaire Used Winshuttle to Migrate 10 Hospitals and 11 Organizations on a Single SAP Instance

"Time consuming, inaccurate manual data entry is a challenge for every Master Data and Shared Services organization, particularly during SAP migrations. Listen to Director of Data Governance Mark Goodaire explain how his team used Winshuttle to efficiently migrate 10 hospitals and 11 organizations on to a single SAP instance. By allowing the business to manage scripts and accurately load large numbers of data requests without excessive staff requirements, his team was able to see immediate vendor master improvements."

Mark Goodaire, Director of Data Governance, Mark Goodaire


Without high-quality vendor master data, procurement and supply chain organizations cannot make reliable decisions related to costs, conditions and centralized purchasing. Suboptimal procurement decisions lead to wasted efforts and many extra hours of manual data maintenance work.


Winshuttle for Master Data provides a flexible approach to creating and maintaining quality SAP vendor master data. The Winshuttle solution enables procurement, supply chain, finance and all other departments involved in procure-to-pay processes to collect vendor master data from different business groups and create efficient workflows using simple SharePoint-based forms. Each data contributor is presented with a personalized view, customized for his or her role, focusing on the relevant subset of material data. And here’s the best part: secure, one-click validation and upload of vendor information to your SAP system, with no rekeying required!


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Hydro Refines and Accelerates SAP Processes with Winshuttle

"The basic features of Transaction™ are very easy to use, and the advanced features can be learned with just a bit of training. We’re using it more and more every day – we keep discovering new opportunities for time savings in every module."

Thomas Holte, System Consultant, Hydro


  • Data validation: Validate SAP vendor master data requests, such as Dun & Bradstreet© business verification, at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP.
  • Data governance: Create role-based and traceable vendor creation governance processes that route vendor create requests to appropriate stakeholders for input, review and approval.
  • Mass maintenance: Perform mass vendor maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming.
  • Process analytics: Monitor and track vendor creation and maintenance processes for performance insights and ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP vendor master data transaction.

Winshuttle Designer

Winshuttle Designer

Vendor master maintenance

Vendor master maintenance

White paper

Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

5 Best Practices for Better SAP Master Data

A strong Master Data governance program is critical for the success of an SAP installation. This whitepaper by noted data quality expert David Loshin discusses best practices for creating a Master Data governance program that effectively facilitates collecting business requirements for master data oversight, capturing and managing master data business rules, and managing the processes for creating and updating master data entities.