Your SAP data management challenges can be overcome

Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform will allow you to streamline business processes and eliminate manual data entry, leaving more time to work on more important tasks. Here are a few more examples of where Winshuttle can help.

Solutions by department

Explore common Winshuttle solutions to SAP data management problems organized by departments including Master Data, Finance, HR, Sales and Operations.

Solutions by business need

Winshuttle’s capabilities allow business users to accelerate continuous improvement initiatives without taxing IT resources.

Solutions by SAP modules

Winshuttle works across all SAP Modules and so we highlight common solutions that our customers are using in SAP Modules including FI/CO, MM, PP and several others.

Solutions by task

Find Winshuttle solutions to common challenges such as SAP Data Entry Automation, SAP Data Downloads, SAP Data Maintenance, and many others.

Product demo

Winshuttle Transaction

Watch the Winshuttle Transaction Demo

See how Winshuttle Transaction makes it easy for virtually any user to securely record the steps to complete any SAP transaction and map to Excel or other familiar application. This template can then be used to automate any process, while using native SAP security and authorizations. Transaction can also create a web service based on a recorded transaction. Watch the demo to see how it works.

Our most popular SAP solutions

Forms & Workflows

Leveraging the proven SharePoint platform, Winshuttle offers the flexibility and control organizations require along with the familiarity to empower business users to manage workflows and monitoring.

Data upload and import

SAP data upload, import, migration, or conversion is a core activity during new SAP implementations, upgrades, or consolidations after mergers and acquisitions. Winshuttle Transaction is invaluable in such situations and ensures the speed and accuracy of mass data imports into SAP.

SAP Data Entry

Entering SAP master data or transactional data is a vital business function for all departments. Examples of SAP data entry include new-hire actions in HR, new purchase orders or contracts in procurement, new materials and new sales orders in supply chain, and new assets in finance.