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Winshuttle Query eliminates the need for IT involvement and time-consuming data formatting by enabling users to create SAP Goods Movement Reports with Excel templates that do not require programming. Through this method, users can design their own reports and with drag and drop actions setup readable templates in Excel to access Live SAP data. Additionally, companies can download SAP data to Access, SQL, XML or Text.

Maintaining and tracking current stock inventories is a very complex process. Organizations need to have flexible and agile reporting methods to ensure effective processing of their logistic requirements.

Processes and procedures used in the Goods Movement process often have redundant actions that can add to time and cost. Winshuttle technologies help you streamline all aspects of SAP Goods Movement, with seamless integration of our Query and Transaction solutions.

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Winshuttle Query

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Winshuttle Query is an SAP data extraction and analysis tool that allows users to securely shuttle live data from the SAP transactional system into Excel for immediate analysis, action and reporting. See how Query enables both developers and business users to easily create, distribute, and maintain content-rich queries with minimal impact on SAP performance. Watch the demo to see how it works.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to manage SAP Goods Movement include:

  • Simplification of the various SAP Goods Movement processes
  • Automation and aggregation of recurring monthly goods movements
  • Faster processing of large and unscheduled goods movements
  • Pre-Built Reporting templates
  • Data conversion using built-in Excel formulas


Can I Report on all movement types using Winshuttle Query?
Yes, Winshuttle Query does not restrict you to a movement type and allows you to design your own reports from Tables, Infosets or Logical Databases by selecting your own Input Selection criteria and output fields.
If I find problems in my Goods Issue Report does Winshuttle Offer a way to correct the Data in SAP?
Yes, Query used for reporting integrates with our Transaction product allowing you to extract real time data from SAP affect any changes, validate and upload them back to SAP within minutes and without any programming.
Do Winshuttle Query users need to know about SAP Table structures?
No. Query offers a runtime version Runner which allows the person creating a report to publish it and embed it directly in Excel. Other business users can simply open Excel and run the Query directly through the friendly Runner excel add-in.

White paper

10 Ways Excel Drives More Value from your SAP Investment

This white paper highlights 10 ways Winshuttle's tools and applications utilize Microsoft Office applications and allow you to optimize your SAP investment. Whether you're the CIO, the leader of an SAP competency center or a business process owner looking for more effective ways to manage your SAP operations, the benefits outlined in this white paper are realized by the reduction of SAP operational costs, delivering across the board efficiencies and accelerating top and bottom line improvements.