Create Purchase Orders – ME21/N

Eliminate data re-entry and automate PO creation process

Creating SAP purchase order

Creating SAP purchase order

Create purchase orders more efficiently

Winshuttle technologies enable users to create purchase orders (POs) in SAP using standard Excel-based templates. These templates help companies save time and money by helping users avoid the many repetitive actions that can be part of creating a PO in SAP.

Streamline SAP purchasing processes

Companies can use Winshuttle technologies to improve the SAP purchasing process via workflow. For example a business organization can use Winshuttle technologies and SharePoint to model the approval process without programming.

Product demo

Winshuttle Transaction

Watch the Winshuttle Transaction Demo

See how Winshuttle Transaction makes it easy for virtually any user to securely record the steps to complete any SAP transaction and map to Excel or other familiar application. This template can then be used to automate any process, while using native SAP security and authorizations. Transaction can also create a web service based on a recorded transaction. Watch the demo to see how it works.

Benefits of using Winshuttle to create purchase orders in SAP

  • Simplify PO creation
  • Automate and aggregate recurring monthly requests
  • Minimize data entry and errors by using standardized templates
  • Provide vendor- and plant-specific templates for complex orders
  • Automate PO data using formulas and workflow


Do I have to use the transaction ME21 to create a sales order?
No. Winshuttle Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code including ME21, ME21N and customers’ own Z transactions.
How can I be sure that my purchase orders were created correctly?
Transaction provides pre-posting validation. Transaction and Winshuttle Server provide the responses from the SAP at the item level to the data source. Update successes and failures are visible in real time in the data source and in SAP.
How is the vendor creation and maintenance process modeled?
Business users record transactions following their approved process and then map the data to Excel or other online forms. Winshuttle Central uses SharePoint workflow for process modeling.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
No. Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user create purchase orders using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.

White paper

10 Ways Excel Drives More Value from your SAP Investment

This white paper highlights 10 ways Winshuttle's tools and applications utilize Microsoft Office applications and allow you to optimize your SAP investment. Whether you're the CIO, the leader of an SAP competency center or a business process owner looking for more effective ways to manage your SAP operations, the benefits outlined in this white paper are realized by the reduction of SAP operational costs, delivering across the board efficiencies and accelerating top and bottom line improvements.