Purchase Invoice with PO

Extract SAP purchase order data more efficiently

Improve the procurement process and reduce operating costs

View SAP purchase order data results in Microsoft Excel

View SAP purchase order data results in Microsoft Excel

Winshuttle Query enables users to quickly create reports based on real-time SAP data to provide greater insight into operations for purchasing and procurement teams. Query provides several pre-built report templates and offers users the ability to create their own custom report templates quickly and easily, without programming expertise. The reports can include a variety of purchasing data, including:

  • Purchase order history
  • Purchase order values
  • Purchase order invoice verification
  • Purchase order line item details and scheduling
  • Lookup vendor confirmations
  • Fulfillment status of purchase orders
  • Planning-based purchasing
  • Ensure data timeliness and accuracy

Query integrates with Winshuttle Transaction, which enables users to update purchasing data directly within Excel. Users can change scheduling, delivery dates, or update quantities directly in Excel then use Transaction or the Winshuttle Runner Excel add-in to upload data into SAP within minutes.

Product demo

Winshuttle Query

Watch the Winshuttle Query Demo

Winshuttle Query is an SAP data extraction and analysis tool that allows users to securely shuttle live data from the SAP transactional system into Excel for immediate analysis, action and reporting. See how Query enables both developers and business users to easily create, distribute, and maintain content-rich queries with minimal impact on SAP performance. Watch the demo to see how it works.


Can Query extract header and line-Item data of a purchase order?
Yes. Users can download all data elements with Query.
Can Query reports be scheduled to automatically extract data from SAP?
Yes. The easy-to-use built-in scheduler enables users to run unattended queries at pre-determined intervals. They can also select the destination to save or send the data and in what format.
Are SAP authorizations maintained with Query?
Yes. Query maintains SAP table and organizational-level authorizations.
Can Query download long text from purchase orders?
Yes. Query enables users to easily extract long text and provides a pre-built template as part of the application.

White paper

Addressing Security Performance Usability with Query

An easy and secure way to extract live SAP® ERP data, allowing business users to do ad hoc data analytics and answer specific business questions rapidly would have a significant impact on the enterprise. This white paper describes Winshuttle Query and how it addresses performance, security, and usability concerns while giving users a way to extract live SAP data for ad hoc analysis.