Human resources

Process SAP HR data more efficiently

Winshuttle software helps companies automate common SAP HR data entry processes that cover all aspects of the employee life cycle and the hire-to-retire business process, including recruiting training and transfers.

It can also automate HR personnel actions like changes in job descriptions, roles, compensations, contact information, and time tracking.

As corporations reorganize and restructure with increasing frequency, HR departments bear a greater burden to adjust operations more quickly. In addition, with increased mergers and acquisitions and divestiture activity, many large-scale changes, such as mass salary changes, are becoming more common.

Winshuttle customers have found our software useful for various SAP HR applications. HR analysts create or receive much of the data related to hire actions, personnel change actions, reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in spreadsheet formats. The ability to automatically load spreadsheet data into the SAP HR system offers huge benefits to the HR organization, especially because HR analysts can do this automation themselves.

White paper

5 Ways Excel Accelerates Your Return on SAP HCM Business Processes

There are many ideas for improving business processes, but sometimes these come with additional costs. Conversely, there are many ways to reduce the operational costs associated with an SAP HCM implementation, but these may result in increasing the workload and burden on key resources. Winshuttle believes that with the right Excel-based tools, users can achieve the ideal balance – improved HR business processes and reduced operational costs, all while making their SAP HCM lives easier and more productive.

Some of the SAP HR transactions that Winshuttle can automate

  • New hire actions via the PA40 transaction—all information types, including dynamic actions and information types processed in the background
  • Personnel change actions via the PA30 transactions—all information types and actions, including dynamic actions
  • Creating or changing organizational information via the PP03 transaction
  • Maintaining positions via the PO13 transaction
  • Recording work time via the CATS, CAT2, or CATSXT transactions

Case study

Canada Post

Canada Post Delivers Automated Data Loading to SAP Users

"We save around $1.9 Million per year in avoided programming, reduced data entry workload costs and Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs. Most importantly, we have given our users a tool that enhances their productivity and the accuracy of the data in our systems.”"

Chantal Gauvreau, Business Process Manager - SAP Center of Excellence, Canada Post