Improving business processes for receiving and
processing customer sales

Automate SAP sales order processes through a familiar interface

Winshuttle technologies enable companies to use spreadsheet-based templates to automate SAP sales order processes, including those related to the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. Some companies expend a large amount of time and resources to automate the process of sales order creation using electronic data interchange and service-oriented architecture technologies. However, spreadsheets remain a common business collaboration tool and they are particularly prevalent in SAP transactions such as reseller orders, orders from smaller customers, and returns. Processes that require workers to manually enter spreadsheet data into the SAP system can create avoidable delays in order fulfillment and revenue recognition.

Case study

Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck Gears Up with Automated Data Entry

"There is more than one way to accomplish automating data entry into SAP. What made most sense for Cutter & Buck was to utilize Transaction™ because it allows us the ease of creating new data entry tasks with little or no IT resources."

Rick Davis, Manager of Enterprise Systems, Cutter & Buck

Consistent, accurate, and timely SAP Order-to-Cash data

Companies need to manage the consistency, accuracy, and timeliness of SAP Order-to-Cash data to keep business units running effectively and profitably. Automation facilitated by Winshuttle technologies helps companies significantly reduce the time needed to move critical information in and out of data-intensive SAP Order-to-Cash transactions and avoid the errors commonly caused by manual entry of massive amounts of data.

SAP sales order processes automated by Winshuttle technologies

  • New customer master creation – XD01
  • Customer master changes, including credit terms, block/unblock status, address, sales hierarchy, and partner functions – XD02
  • Pricing conditions creation and changes, including customer-specific pricing – VK11, VK12, VK14
  • SAP sales orders and credit memos creation, including those received directly from customers, distributors, resellers, or sales orders collected in other systems – VA01
  • Changes in sales orders/quotes, including changes in pricing, delivery dates, quantities, items, and location – VA02
  • Contracts and rebate agreement creations – VA41/VA42

White paper

Optimizing SAP for Order-to-Cash

Companies that use SAP for Order-to-Cash processing face specific challenges in their effort to achieve the Perfect Order. This paper discusses the requirements and benefits of the Perfect Order and examines how Winshuttle solutions can help SAP customers optimize their O2C processing.