Improve the cost-effectiveness of SAP data maintenance

When business users make mass changes to data as part of SAP data maintenance, they often first extract the data into a more user-friendly format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, make the changes, and then upload the data back into SAP. With Winshuttle Query and Transaction, users can extract, update, validate, and upload SAP data from the familiar Excel interface, all while adhering to SAP corporate security and governance standards.

Enhance the efficiency of many common SAP processes

Query and Transaction enable users to make mass updates to SAP data quickly and easily without programming expertise or assistance from ABAP or BASIS specialists. Some of the common SAP data maintenance tasks and applications that Query and Transaction can help accelerate include:

Case study

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Boosts Productivity Using Winshuttle for Master Data in SAP

"The beauty of Winshuttle for Master Data is that it keeps the ownership with the business side, and allows the end-user to maintain control. The faster response times directly translates into a more positive impact with our customers. And with the man-hours saved, we’re able to redirect our focus toward more value-added initiatives."

Tim Nicholls, EMEA Material Master & Data Management Manager, Pitney Bowes


I am concerned about SAP security and the overall support for business and validation rules that I have set up in SAP. Does Winshuttle support my SAP business and validation rules?
Yes. Transaction and Query incorporate an important validation step that identifies the function in SAP that will be affected by the SAP data maintenance task and they check to ensure that the data being submitted meets the system validation requirements. If the data being submitted does not meet those requirements, it will be flagged in the Excel spreadsheet with the appropriate SAP error message. The software will continue to process the other data submission records until either all have successfully been updated or have been flagged with validation errors. The user can fix the identified problems and then run “on error” to complete the transaction. Winshuttle technologies tightly adhere to all SAP and organizational rules, validation requirements, and security profiles.

White paper

10 Places to Reduce Data Management Costs

Given the extreme volatility of the US and global financial markets, and concerns about the overall business outlook, every prudent corporation has moved into cost-cutting and cash-conservation mode. This white paper highlights 10 easy places SAP customers can reduce IT operational costs, with a focus on trimming support and data entry costs by automating data entry. It is intended both for leaders of SAP® competency centers and for business process owners looking for ways to do more with less.