SAP and Excel – Maximize productivity with a familiar tool

Using Excel as a front-end to SAP

Using Excel as a front-end to SAP

Knowledge workers in the more than 86,000 companies that use SAP spend the majority of their day using Microsoft Office programs. Outlook, Word, and Excel are the most commonly used applications. Users who work with enterprise data most frequently use Excel to analyze, store, and share spreadsheet-based data.

Update and extract SAP data securely

Winshuttle technologies bridge the SAP Excel integration gap. Users can run Winshuttle Transaction or Query completely within Excel. By enabling users to move data from Excel to SAP, or extract data from SAP to Excel, our products enable users to work and manipulate data in their own spreadsheets via a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Additionally, Winshuttle technologies integrate with SAP security policies to ensure that any access or changes to SAP data are made in a secure, auditable manner that meets the strictest governance requirements.

Case study

Murray Energy

Winshuttle Powers Murray Energy through SAP Data Transactions

"Generating an invoice used to be a four- to five-hour process. But with Winshuttle, it only takes four to five minutes."

Robert Glitch, Treasury Manager/Financial Analyst, Murray Energy

Easily move data between Excel and SAP

Winshuttle technologies enable user flexibility for SAP Excel integration without compromising security or data integrity. They can move data from Excel to SAP, or download data from SAP to Excel without using the SAP user interface, and without a detailed knowledge of the underlying SAP transaction or data structure.

Winshuttle technologies empower workers to work more efficiently

The ability to receive Excel spreadsheet-based data and quickly and accurately load it into SAP can be vital as organizations attempt to do more with less and outsource some business functions to partners. Companies can increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage by spreading the SAP data work to users who lack SAP expertise, but who can move data between Excel and SAP.


What versions of Excel does Winshuttle Transaction Support?
Winshuttle Transaction supports Excel 1997 to the present Office 2013 version.

White paper

10 Ways Excel Drives More Value from your SAP Investment

This white paper highlights 10 ways Winshuttle's tools and applications utilize Microsoft Office applications and allow you to optimize your SAP investment. Whether you're the CIO, the leader of an SAP competency center or a business process owner looking for more effective ways to manage your SAP operations, the benefits outlined in this white paper are realized by the reduction of SAP operational costs, delivering across the board efficiencies and accelerating top and bottom line improvements.