Data Collection and Process Automation

Rapidly capture all ERP data through model definition, rules and process information

  • Eliminate data entry errors before uploading data to SAP
  • Leverage seamless point of entry validation across the organization
  • Enforce business rules both inside and outside of SAP
  • Empower business teams to author and adapt data validation rules in half the time it takes ABAP and Basis developers

Optimize SAP operations and data quality

See how B. Braun automated redundant data
entry using Winshuttle


Collecting data today is a very tedious and manual process. Many companies use hand-written, email, fax or even standalone electronic forms based on non-integrated, patchwork solutions that leverage disparate systems of record. The legacy solution for overcoming this patchwork of manual data collection is to leverage expensive IT resources to “rework” these solutions using ABAP, BASIS, SAP Workflow and other ‘heavy lifting’ programming platforms requiring tens of thousands of hours to develop, test, deploy and maintain.


Winshuttle’s unique approach delegates ownership and collection of data back to the business maximizing the velocity of ERP data management. Automating the process of data collection from originator to reviewer and approvers for final validation and load to SAP saves significant processing time. Winshuttle customers report time to market time savings such as “idea to shelf time” in excess of 75% while reducing product creation times from 28 days to 2 hours. Each participant in the data collection process whether it’s the engineer in product requesting a new material, a warehouse manager updating the location of the material, an accounting manager costing the material – is provided with a form that is unique to their data collection requirements. This simplifies the collection of data because it reduces complexity and navigation issues. Once everyone has contributed their share of the transaction – it is validated, approved, and with one click of the mouse updated to SAP.


  • Support for a wide range of workflow options including serial, parallel approval processes
  • Visibility into multi-participant data collection processes ensures that any bottlenecks are identified while being able to maintain service levels with process participants
  • One single integrated authoring environment for workflow and forms design, development, deployment
  • Easy on-going enhancements and maintenance
  • Multi-lingual authoring environment and multi-lingual “on-the-fly” forms configuration – with one mouse click switch from English to Mandarin to French… turns data collection into a global process

Case study

Under Armour

Under Armour Improves SAP Master Data Loading with Winshuttle

"Prior to using Winshuttle, we would need 550 to 600 person-hours to transfer the data from our product development system into SAP. Now we have it down to 112 hours, meaning that the entire process takes just two days instead of 10."

Steve Walker, Manager of Supply Chain Systems, Under Armour