Solutions for IT

Improve IT responsiveness and user satisfaction

Winshuttle streamlines numerous SAP processes, allowing IT departments to support the demands of the business user while maintaining focus on operations and strategic development projects. Adherence to strict SAP security standards and a unified management environment for Winshuttle assets allows IT departments to implement Winshuttle with confidence.

White paper

Easing SOX Compliance

In companies that have implemented SAP, two of the most common open SOX audit issues are: 1) users in the IT departments have very broad access to production data in SAP, and 2) with access to SAP transactions such as SAP Query, QuickViewer, and Table Browser (SQ01/SQV1/SE16), SAP users become high data security risks. This white paper describes how companies can give SAP users control of their own data, and not only improve their compliance to the Sarbanes Oxley Act, but also improve corporate productivity.