Accelerating SAP Projects

Hit the accelerator

Doing more with less boils down to getting the same amount of work done in less time. Simple in theory, but a lot tougher in practice. Often times, a custom project for SAP involves meeting a request for a process improvement from a line-of-business manager. After evaluating and cost justifying the request (a whole process in itself), a business analyst is assigned to scope the work, write a specification, and then hand it off to a programmer for development, testing, and user acceptance. That’s a lot of time and money spent by valuable IT resources meeting the needs of the business.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Winshuttle solutions allow IT professionals to take an entirely different approach—one that is much less resource intensive and also allows the business user, the person most familiar with the problem—to take the lead in creating the solution.

Since Winshuttle requires no programming experience and because it allows users to work from within familiar interfaces like Excel spreadsheets and PDF forms, the user can lead the process of creating the process improvement. They don’t need any specialized knowledge of the SAP data structure, just the specific screens and fields they work with on a regular basis.

Case study

Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck Gears Up with Automated Data Entry

"There is more than one way to accomplish automating data entry into SAP. What made most sense for Cutter & Buck was to utilize Transaction™ because it allows us the ease of creating new data entry tasks with little or no IT resources."

Rick Davis, Manager of Enterprise Systems, Cutter & Buck

And it gets better

Allowing users to take charge of automating and improving SAP processes themselves means IT departments don’t need to allocate valuable resources cost justifying, scoping, and implementing projects. They can “outsource” these projects to functional departments and stay focused on their core projects and responsibilities.

What’s more, Winshuttle makes all this possible without compromising security or control. Winshuttle leverages the SAP security model, so users can’t access any data they aren’t authorized to. Plus, all of the transactions and system interactions are fully traceable and auditable.

IT departments can even consolidate administration and distribution of all Winshuttle assets using Winshuttle Central command and control application.

White paper

Easy Alternative to LSMW

The Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is a technical tool provided by SAP to help with the data migrations during initial implementations. It is also used by some SAP customers to make mass changes to master data in SAP. This white paper describes an easy, non-technical alternative to update customer master records in 3 steps instead of the 14 steps involved when using LSMW, without technical involvement or requiring developer-level access in SAP.