The smart alternative to ABAP and custom SAP programming

Pay users to work instead of consultants to program

As businesses react to fluid market conditions, IT departments are frequently tasked with supporting requests for specialized updates to the SAP system. Generally this involves assigning a business analyst to a project and eventually employing LSMW or ABAP programmers to create customized screen views, reports, or processes for line-of-business users.

Winshuttle takes a different approach by allowing business users to quickly create processes that leverage familiar interfaces like Excel, PDFs or web forms in order to interact with the SAP system.

Winshuttle products require no specialized programming expertise. This takes significant pressure off of the IT department and creates a reduction in SAP development costs as user begin to create their own processes which are developed without the need for IT intervention.

Winshuttle maintains SAP’s strict security and governance standards and provides full tracking and audit capability of every action down to the transaction level. For further security, Winshuttle Central provides IT departments with a unified management and control environment for all Winshuttle assets.

Case study

Canada Post

Canada Post Delivers Automated Data Loading to SAP Users

"We save around $1.9 Million per year in avoided programming, reduced data entry workload costs and Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs. Most importantly, we have given our users a tool that enhances their productivity and the accuracy of the data in our systems.”"

Chantal Gauvreau, Business Process Manager - SAP Center of Excellence, Canada Post

Unmasking the BAPI Layer

When customized programming is necessary to meet business requirements, Winshuttle Direct helps reduce SAP development costs by allowing IT professionals to leverage the power of SAP BAPIs much more effectively.

Direct allows a technical user to access relevant BAPIs from the Business Object Repository and map the fields to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, easily creating a SHUTTLE file that can act as a template for any SAP business process—dramatically reducing SAP development time using BAPIs.

White paper

Easy Alternative to LSMW

The Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is a technical tool provided by SAP to help with the data migrations during initial implementations. It is also used by some SAP customers to make mass changes to master data in SAP. This white paper describes an easy, non-technical alternative to update customer master records in 3 steps instead of the 14 steps involved when using LSMW, without technical involvement or requiring developer-level access in SAP.