Making SAP business users more productive without adding to IT workload

Enable SAP business users to be more productive without increasing IT workload

Ongoing SAP administration is a critical, but time consuming responsibility for any corporate IT department. Naturally, IT groups are cautious about implementing software that may increase SAP administration overhead and distract personnel from high priority tasks or projects. Winshuttle addresses these concerns in several ways. Most importantly, our software works within the SAP security framework. Users cannot take any action with Winshuttle for which they are not already authorized in SAP.

Case study


Medtronic Improves Productivity by Using Winshuttle for Large-Scale Data Transfer

"With Winshuttle, there’s no longer any need to ask our IT teams to program a one-off data transfer. That means we can adapt more quickly to major organizational changes while saving money and ensuring accuracy."

David Carlson, Senior Director of Master Data Management, Medtronic

Taking control

Winshuttle allows IT departments to provide better administrative support to the organization and streamline many SAP administration tasks. We provide centralized management of all our tools with full audit trails of every action executed in the SAP system. These capabilities allow IT departments to maintain control of how and when our solutions are implemented, while allowing business users the flexibility to be the most productive.

White paper

10 Ways Excel Drives More Value from your SAP Investment

This white paper highlights 10 ways Winshuttle's tools and applications utilize Microsoft Office applications and allow you to optimize your SAP investment. Whether you're the CIO, the leader of an SAP competency center or a business process owner looking for more effective ways to manage your SAP operations, the benefits outlined in this white paper are realized by the reduction of SAP operational costs, delivering across the board efficiencies and accelerating top and bottom line improvements.