Vendor Invoice Report

Improve operations with timely vendor invoice data

Sample invoice and payment report

Sample invoice and payment report

Winshuttle Query enables users to download vendor invoice data directly from SAP to Excel. They can then quickly and securely create ad-hoc reports, without programming expertise. Business leaders can use these reports, which are based on timely and accurate data, to make better operational decisions that affect purchasing, inventory management, and accounts payable.

Gain better control over and clearer insight into accounting processes

With Query, users can more efficiently match SAP invoice and purchase order data; check the accuracy of invoice content, pricing, and accounting; and match invoices and credit memos received from vendors. With Winshuttle Transaction or the Winshuttle Runner Excel add, users can correct any data discrepancies in Excel and then upload the data directly to SAP.

Product demo

Winshuttle Query

Watch the Winshuttle Query Demo

Winshuttle Query is an SAP data extraction and analysis tool that allows users to securely shuttle live data from the SAP transactional system into Excel for immediate analysis, action and reporting. See how Query enables both developers and business users to easily create, distribute, and maintain content-rich queries with minimal impact on SAP performance. Watch the demo to see how it works.

Accounting teams can use Query to quickly generate many different reports, including:

  • Vendor invoice verification
  • Blocked vendor invoice
  • Report duplicate invoices
  • Extracting open items in vendor invoice

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to manage SAP vendor invoice data

  • Minimized invoice processing time
  • Better cash flow management
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced costs
  • SOX Compliance
  • Fewer duplicate invoices and payments
  • More timely payments that can lead to early-pay discounts and better terms and pricing from vendors


In what formats can Query output data?
Query enables users to download SAP data directly to Excel, Access, Text, XML, SQL, or Forms.
My company does not allow use of SE16, SQVI or SQ01 due to SOX compliance. Can we still use Winshuttle Query?
Yes. Query can be used as an alternative to SE16, SQVI, and SQ01 and it enables companies to maintain compliance with internal and external regulations. In addition to preserving standard SAP security, Query also adds organizational-level controls to restrict data access by plant, company code, purchasing organization, distribution channel, and other criteria. Users who have access to Runner can only view the data accessible to them and are constrained by the designer’s report parameters.

White paper

Addressing Security Performance Usability with Query

An easy and secure way to extract live SAP® ERP data, allowing business users to do ad hoc data analytics and answer specific business questions rapidly would have a significant impact on the enterprise. This white paper describes Winshuttle Query and how it addresses performance, security, and usability concerns while giving users a way to extract live SAP data for ad hoc analysis.