Other modules

Winshuttle software simplifies SAP across every SAP module

Some of the other modules Winshuttle works with include:

  • SAP Inventory Management (SAP IM)
  • SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM)
  • SAP Project System (SAP PS)
  • SAP Payroll (SAP PY)
  • SAP System Log (SAP SYS)

Case study

Alstom Power Service

Alstom Power Service Automates Data Entry with Winshuttle

"Transaction enables us to bypass ABAP and complete a scenario and a script in half a day. 99% of our needs are met with this solution."

André Czerner, Manager of Information Systems, Alstom Power Service

Some specific transaction processes and codes that Winshuttle simplifies include:

  • Data Browser
  • Creating or modifying purchase orders (ME21N, ME22n)
  • Routings creation and modification (CA01, CA02)
  • Project systems – project and WBS creation and modification (CJ20N)
  • Create or modify outline agreement (ME32K)
  • Create or modify functional locations (IL01, IL02)
  • Create or modify equipment master (IE01, IE02)

White paper

How SAP Users Hold the Key to Business Process Improvement

This white paper highlights the key role that SAP users play in enabling their organizations to improve processes, and discusses how their expertise and experience is lost in some of the traditional approaches that companies use to try to improve processes. In addition, this paper presents an alternative “user-centric” approach that will enable companies to sustainably and measurably improve their processes.